What the #?$% ….what should I do?

One of my biggest long term friends is getting married in Florida on Super Bowl weekend. They didn’t even realized they booked it on the Super Bowl weekend until I broke the news to them.

I’ve always said that if the Lions make a Super Bowl there’s no way I won’t be going. Me and another one of my biggest friends have a pact to go if they make it.

Because of this dilemma I just know the stars are going to align and the Lions will pull off a miracle and put me in a bad position where I’m forced to choose between two of my best friends.

I just can’t do both and I’m torn. No matter what I’m likely ticking off one of my best friends.

At the moment I’m planning to go to the wedding but I’m not booking any flights or hotels until I know the Lions outcome or I’ve made my final decision.

My friend is counting on me to be at the wedding.

What should I do?


Seems obvious to me. Wedding at the SuperBowl.


Tell the friend you will make the next wedding, as he may be more likely to have a second marriage than the lions are of making a second superbowl :rofl:


Get a Wheels Up to Vegas depending on what time the wedding is.

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Chances are better than 50% he’ll get married again. Plus, you have other friends.
Go to the only Lions Super Bowl appearance of your life.


The Lions might only make it to the Super Bowl once in any of our lifetimes. You can always make new friends.

The alternative is a reverse of The Hangover. You get done with the wedding, and then immediately haul ass to get to the game. Have a van pull up alongside you to pass over Lions gear while you throw the tux back to them.

Tell your friend you’ll be happy to Skype in during halftime. Or hire a stunt double.


You have to decide… is it the first of many Superbowls or the first of many marriages?


Another option would be for you to face time if you are in the wedding, from the game, or just for them to stream it.

But regardless you will need to be attending from the superbowl


Lions super bowl all the way. Sounds like you made the pact before he made any wedding plans.

If a friend couldn’t make my wedding I wouldn’t mind at all. He will be focusing on other things and not who is attending the wedding.

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I think the answer is obvious. you hire prostitutes for each one of them and get them hammered, etc.

if it’s real love they’ll get back together. and they’ll have STDs they can share.

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Well I always like to be helpful so I could probably fill in as your double for the Superbowl and you can do the wedding. Problem solved .
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If he’s a true friend, he would understand.

If the start time of the wedding is early (1-3pm) on Sunday: Be there and support your friend. But anything after 4pm is a violation. The Super Bowl is played at 6:30pm Eastern Time on Super Bowl Sunday.
Tell him it ain’t personal. He should understand.


Hmm…quite a pickle

I would…

  1. Schedule all of the wedding stuff (flight/hotel/tux/etc) and make sure it can all be canceled 2 weeks in advance for no charge.
  2. Let you’re friend know you’ll be there unless the Lions are in the Super Bowl.

Odds are, the Lions don’t make it to the Super Bowl (ducks). This way you’ll be prepared for the wedding.

But, IF…IF this is the year the Lions make it happen, you’ll have notified him that you’ll be attending the Super Bowl far in advance.

When he and his wife reply with “F you man!” you can simply reply with “Yes…and F people who schedule their wedding during the Super Bowl.”

The end?


Sounds like you need to do your friend a solid and challenge the faithfulness of his soon to be wife. If she’s faithful you go to the wedding. If she is not you not only dont feel bad about going to the super bowl but you

  1. Save him from marrying her
  2. Get to see the game
  3. Got some

But just kidding all that… go be at the wedding!

Or not!!

If he’s a long term friend, he knows what the Lions mean to you. It’s HIS monumental eff up that he picked that date or allowed his fiance to choose that date. IF the Lions make it, then he should understand. If he doesn’t, well tough tittayyyyyy. IMHO of course. Book the flight for the wedding on an airline that doesn’t charge for cancellations and the hotel is no biggie to cancel late. I’d love to go if they make it but the wife and I can’t stomach paying 8k to start the ball rolling as awesome as it would be.

Go to the Super bowl. Hire an actor who looks like you to pretend to be you at the wedding. Make him take a crash course in the history of your friendship

Sounds like you need to arrange for the friend’s betrothed to be caught in flagrante delicto with an equisite specimen of the appropriate sort, and then have video of the incident sent to your friend so the wedding is called off. I imagine @Weaselpuppy will be able to help with the logistics and execution.

Hate to do it, but I can see no other options. Omelets, eggs, and all that.

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Everyone else is missing the obvious answer. If you find a way around this, or somehow convince them to reschedule their wedding, the Lions won’t make the Super Bowl. If, however, you let things ride, then it’s obvious that the Lions are going all the way, so you’ll have to choose.

Thus, if you are in fact a true Lions fan, the only choice (for the rest of our sakes) is to go to the wedding so we can enjoy the Lions in the Super Bowl. Don’t worry, I’ll record it for you.