What trade from mia would u prefer?

  1. 5 18 70. 2. 5 26 56. Or 3. 5 39 56 70

I would like as many draft pics as possable instead of 1st rd picks . imho this my be the deepest draft that i ever seen i been follows the draft for over 30 yrs.

I would like to see 5, 26, 70 as I believe this might be the best offer they make.

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1st–5, 18, 70

2nd–5, 39, 56, 70

3rd–5, 26, 56

At Nos. 5 & 18, the Lions have a chance to get two immediate starters/difference makers.

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Just for frame of reference on the value chart those deals are:

1:) +640
2:) +540
3:) +590

All really good deals but all below the Wentz and Darnold deals.


I think Miami will guard their 1st round picks so swapping 3 for 5 probably will get you both their 2nd round picks and maybe a little something if they feel heat and really want a QB. But if that is the case they will talk to Washington (who could use some picks) and then maybe cough up one of their 1st rounders with the swap of early picks. your option 3 would be the easiest to pull off but during the “heat” of the moment on draft day they may go with option 1.

IF they are going to do a deal with Washington it will be done before the draft to avoid a bidding war, IMWO.

I mean we might get more but I’m content with

5/39/5th/2021 houston 2nd

That houston 2nd could be #33 next year

We still get our guy at 5 along with now having 2 2nds and 2 3rds

That gives us 5 top 100 picks and some extra draft capital next year in case we want to say trade a 2nd for someone

See theres the flaw in that plan. You have to have faith that Quinn will be able to use the maximum number of picks correctly, when experience tells us he shouldn’t be given a lot of options or else he outsmarts himself

5-18 is enough for me, that gives us
005, 018, 035, 067 and 085 out the gate. Five of the top 85. If we are able to finagle a few small trades down, damn.

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Me too.

Yeah, I want to get 18 and then use another pick to move up to 13-15.

5:) Okudah
13:) Kinlaw, Wills, Thomas, etc.

This may be coincidental but for whatever reason BQ seems to fair pretty well in round 3. Better than round 2.

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BQ ain’t got the skills to come out of this draft with Okudah AND Kinlaw!

I want Oklahoma as our GM… would love his haul

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