What was our chance if we played KC today?

Looking the KC game plan what you think ? I think we should have lost . Also Superbowl in Lasvegas don’t get along well with DC , means more gambling. Mahomes has a feel for game ,even he didn’t have to play hard today

We win by 14.


We jump out to a hot lead and play like world beaters as always. But we don’t make stupid self inflicted mistakes in the second half. Which is all we ever needed to be successful. So it’s a nail biter down to the wire. We win that game!


I have no idea if we would’ve won, which is a lot better than knowing we would’ve won.

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I truly think the lions would have beat the chiefs if we would have played them tonight. I think having those 2 backs pounding the chiefs defense in the 2nd half would have broke them. The Chiefs defense was good the first 3 quarters then got gassed in that 4th quarter

Monty and Gibbs would have took over in the 4th


I watched the game with a Niners fan.
Told her the Lions can beat either of these teams.

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I think we would lose more often than not. Maybe we win 1 of 3. Need Mahomes to have an off game like he did vs the Jets earlier this year.

Chiefs: QB, Defense, Kicker
Lions: Offense outside of QB.

Neither one of the teams tonight looked special to me. I like the Lions chances.


With some improvement on defense, the Lions could beat anyone in the nfl. For the first time in my lifetime I legit believe that. They need an upgrade at corner and another pass rusher…. then they can legit go toe to toe.


I thought Mahomes had to play hard.
I see a similiar script if lions played.

It was close with Kelce

But lions defense on season still struggled in areas where Mahomes is particularly strong

Add the experience factor , swift , vegas and overall lions youth

It’s not that I think they’d have lost
Mahomes is clutch in these games.

My thoughts were our Oline looked better than either Oline out there.
We’d have been primed to kick the asterisk out of them again.
Same results as the first time.


Having a QB who’s got some scrambling ability counts for a hell of a lot in this league.


We had as good a chance as anyone, I think we win that game, our Oline and run game would have been hard on KC. The 49ers ran pretty good on them and I think we’re better there. In my opinion we were 1 or 2 plays away for winning the Superbowl. If we could have finished the 2nd half of that 49ers game we may be holding the Lombardi trophy this morning.


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Except they wouldn’t

They would mix in a lot of unexpected passes and refuse to play the field position game. I have yet to see Campbell/Johnson rely exclusively on the run game to close out a win.

I think the Lions would have had a legit change to be holding a 10-14 point lead going into half, but who knows what the second half would have brought. KC did not look untouchable, and the Lions definitely looked better against the SF defense. All things being equal, I would say it would have been around a 27-24 score, just not sure which way it would have shaken out. KC caught some of the breaks last night that SF caught two weeks ago against the Lions. SF got the facemask bounce catch, and KC got the leg-touch muffed punt break when it needed it.

Antonio Brown sums it up



It feels like the Lions would be up 35-10 right now #CTESPNReport


7:23 PM · Feb 11, 2024




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It seems to me like we close out alot of games “on the ground.”