What was true then, is true now--For Detroit Lions, 'secret sauce' starts with winning turnover battle

The 2014 defense (the best since the 70s), helped the Lions to the plus side in the turnover battle:


Arggh… I want this to be a good trend. I really do. But I have read several things about the randomness of turnovers (particularly in regards to fumble recovery). It can be very difficult to build sustained success based on generating turnovers.

The only team I can viscerally remember being excellent at this for multiple years was the Urlacher bears in the mid-2000s. Granted, my memory is fuzzy, but I remember them being great at it for like 2-3 years. Otherwise, things tend to revert to the mean over time.

Hopefully it means we are calling good plays, pressuring their QBs, and punishing runners, all of which would bode well for the future.


We have “sir picks-a-lot” Kerby
“Pick Daddy” Hutch


I think our rookie DE has more ints. than Ramsey, lol


They were good at it for about 7-8 years. They lacked the talent to win as much as they were, so we kept saying “there is no way they can keep winning this way, next year they are toast!” From 2005 to 2012 they were always in the top 5 in some kind of turnover statistic. Many times they were 1st, 2nd or 3rd. Fumble recovery was the most consistent stat in terms of being at the top of the league.

He has more ints than a lot of people. LOVING it!

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I feel like Peanut Tillman deserves a mention if we are talking about turnovers and the Bears feom that era….


I wondered why some team hasn’t hired him as a DB coach, so that got me to wondering what he was doing now. Apparently, he’s found a different vocation:

After retiring from the NFL, Tillman joined the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in 2018.

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