What will Washington do at QB?

I think Riviera will want his own guy. Keep Haskins for completion. Your thoughts?

I honestly still think Tua is in play for them at 2!

People say Haskins is Snyder’s guy but I think Rivera will have more say then most think!


Stay put.

I’ll say they roll with Haskins and draft one in the middle rounds.

All kinds of possibilities. They could stay put and draft Young, or they could draft Tua if that’s really what Rivera wants, or they could sign Newton cuz they got the cap space, or they could trade down with a desperate Dolphins or Chargers team. Or somebody else maybe. Don’t how many picks they have now.

With Rivera in year 1, he has a long leash. You are right that he will roll with Haskins but bring in competition. Alex Smith is still on the payroll at a high dollar amount even if he’s still rehabbing, right?

Then he can also bring in another 2 guys to compete in the offseason, like a rehabbing Cam Newton and a Gardner Mishew-esqe mid-round draft pick. Getting Tua doesn’t make sense since he likely needs a redshirt year.

Getting Young doesn’t make sense since you just saw what San Fran had to do with a stud D-lineman after drafting a bunch year after year in Rd 1. They will try to trade back and if they stay put, they will draft a surprise WR or CB really high. Just a guess.

Their situation is so similar to the Cards last year, both had rookie QBs coming off meh seasons, both have/had a stud DE available to them if they want (the Cards could have taken Bosa, the Redskins and Chase Young), and both were bad, directionless teams who just added new coaches. A couple of differences though:

  • The Cards added Kingsbury who had a known offensive style, and Kyler Murray was designed in a lab to run that style and had been running it since high school. He also had a relationship with Kingsbury dating back to high school.

  • Tua (who the Redskins would likely take if they went QB) is one of the biggest injury risks in a long time at the top of the draft, certainly Murray carried none of that risk. And it’s exacerbated by the quarantined world: teams aren’t gonna be able to put Tua through the battery of tests they would normally put him through. Can Washington stomach that risk? It’s far greater than the one Arizona took.

I also like Haskins better as a leader. Not the be-all-end-all of quarterbacking, but Rosen’s a natural loner, which is fine, but when he tries to fabricate the leadership qualities he thinks the coaches want to see from him, it comes off as forced. And players know. At least Kirk Cousins, for all his non-cursing rah-rah excessiveness, is genuine.

In the end I think Chase Young is just so much safer a pick than Tua, while also being deserving of a high pick, that it’s the route they go.

Tua who will probably be red shirted in 2020 to a team that has Alex Smith QB with a $16 Million Dollar guaranteed salary for 2020 and a $21 mill cap hit and if cut carries a $32 Million dollar dead cap hit…I cant see Washington willingly lock up another QB that wont play even if needed in 2020 …for a QB that is the same question mark in 2021.

I believe Washington runs with Haskins and either drafts Young or an OT.