What would be the better outcome

Acquire Chase young or a trade down with Miami


What is being offered in the trade?

Depends on the trade down but in most cases i take young.

I would take Young before trading back to 5 and gaining 18.

If young is gone I take 5 and draft Simmons (if NYG takes Okudah) and a CB at 18.

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I’d say that most likely it’s drafting Young.

But rumor is Washington is set on taking Young so I doubt we get the chance.


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Agree with CuriousH I would have to know what is being offered. #5 and #18 would probably get my attention but I’d try to get #5, #26 and #39. We have lots of needs and 4 picks in the top 39 would help. I would really like Young as I think he would make the defense and all the players look better. He would definitely help the DLine, The LBs would have more space and make blitzes more effective. Everyone in the secondary would benefit from not having to cover as long. Way more 3 and outs than last year so the offense would benefit too with more possessions. That would make Prater better too unless the Offense gets better in the other teams end.

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I would rather have 5, 18 and 56 or 5, 26 and 39 than Chase Young.

Young being drafted by the Lions would be the best case scenario. The only thing that would top it is the Lions trade down for two first round picks and two second round picks