What would you consider success for the Falcons and Raheem Morris his first season as head coach?

Mine would be making a playoff run. An seeing a more exciting Falcons offense.

The Falcons have talent and the NFC south isn’t the strongest conference, so winning the conference is there for the taking.

I think making the playoffs would be good enough for his first year. I think your D might take a step back without Nielsen.

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That Division is wide open

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I definitely agree on seeing a more exciting brand of offensive football. That would be a huge sign that Morris has put his stamp on the team and isn’t just more of the same.

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Win the South.

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Gotta upgrade at QB but the reality of the situation is good defense and running the ball is a recipe for success at every level of football. I could see the Falcons winning that division with just a game manager at QB.

I might be in the minority here, but I’m drafting Bo Nix at 8. He can play in structure and out of structure and I think he can get it to his playmakers consistently.

Cousins would make a lot of sense for them, for sure.