What year was your favorite Lions team?

What year is your favorite Lions team?

  1. 2011 was fun but flawed…2016 was pretty fantastic as well.

But 2014 wAs just crazy, I remember especially that 2nd game vs the Vikings…the blocked fg, the defensive stands…so unlike most lions seasons or games.

1995 and it’s not close …oddly the same year that caused me to put my foot through a glass coffee table during the beat down in Philly and getting 11 stitches …needed though as it also taught me being an animal because of game is ridiculous .
I had slight relapse after they picked up the flag against Pettigrew in Dallas …easily the two most heated moments in my Lion Fandom …and one more being Holmgren taking Shaun Alexander ahead of us that was an expensive remote replacement day…even worse yet I broke the remote knowing what was going to happen as I was at the draft live at the Garden and broke the remote while watching it on tape when I got home .

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Hard ti choose between the 95 and 82

No votes for our 1991 team?

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If we could have taken Suh and Stafford(could include Johnson, but it wouldn’t have been necessary with Moore, Perriman, & Morton) from our 2014 team and inserted them on our 95 team…my god…

Barry Sanders years.

I’ll let you know when one comes along…


Here’s an article that references that 1995 team:

By the way, guys, I just want to point something out…
That 1995 team… That was 25 years ago. You are all old.

That is all.

Have a nice day and don’t forget your Geritol.


1991 and it’s not even close. The year we put a beat down on the Dallas Cowpatties to advance to the division championship. That was a team that had some seriously fun talent.

And yes, I am ancient.

From immense joy to burning in flames in one weeks span. This wiped out '91 for me.

Any time we can spank the Cowboys multiple times in one year is a good year in my book!
No one could hang with the Redskins that year.

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Superbowl Champions!

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1991 for sure, I saw something I’ve only seen happen once in my lifetime.
For more recent years, 2011 was a ton of fun. Starting 5-0, beating Dallas on the monster comeback and as the San Diego game closed out, I had legit tears.
I had the highest hopes for the 2013 team. I still think that team was Super Bowl caliber. The offense was great, the defense was strong and they played complimentary football. Jim Schwartz losing his mind and going for it on 4th down in the rain with a fake punt shoved that team off of a cliff.

You know what makes me ill about this? The fact that the Packers STILL won the division in '95, went to the NFCC, and this was probably a forgettable season for them. Ugh!

The struggle is real.


1995 was my favorite season. Around 1994-1995 you just really had a feeling the Lions were close. Its started in 1991 when we IMO literally would have won the Super Bowl if it wasn’t for the Redskins. They probably had the best team in their (modern era) franchise history that year. They destroyed everybody. They played the Bills in the Super Bowl and killed them, who we beat week 16 at Buffalo. Some times those are the breaks.

1995ish was so much fun though, the offense was unstoppable.

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and i am a prehistoric relic–my favorite yr was 1962

  1. 10-4, second place in the NFC Central behind 12-2 Minnesota. First ever wild card team from the NFC. Lost at Dallas in the playoffs 5 to nothing. You read that right 5-0.
    Coached by a Hall of famer Joe Schmidt, the 1970 lions featured 4 Hall of Fame players. Charlie Sanders, Lem Barney, Dick LeBeau, and Alex karras. Oddly, Sanders was the only pro bowl nominee of those four. Even though Dick LeBeau was second in the NFL with nine interceptions, and Lem Barney added 7 picks including two that he returned to the house. The Lions had three other pro bowl picks that year. Center Ed Flanagan, running back Mel Farr, and linebacker Paul Naumoff.
    The Lions finished 1970 second in the NFL in points scored (347) and second in the NFL in fewest points allowed (202).One thing I remember about that 10-4 season, were three consecutive losses in the middle of the season. One was the 19-17 Loss to a poor New Orleans team on Tom Dempsey’s famous 63-yard field goal as time expired. That loss was sandwiched in between two excruciating losses to the Vikings, who pretty much owned us back then. Those losses were followed up by five consecutive wins clinching the wild card spot.
    That was a team loaded with young talent that appeared destined for greatness. But alas, that greatness never came to pass.
    The 1970 lions opened the season beating the Green Bay Packers 40-0. They closed the regular season beating the Pack 20-0. Glorious!
    Best Lions team I’ve ever seen, and I’ve been a fan since 1962.