What's going to happen with Baker?

With Matt Ryan getting traded to the Colts that leaves one less job for Baker. I bet Washington wishes they could go back and trade for Baker instead. I would imagine he is going to end up in Carolina. They are desperate for a QB.

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Who did Washington trade for?

Aren’t the saints still looking?

Washington traded for Wentz and the Saints just signed Winston.

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Why not Carolina! They love trading for terrible QB’s.


Wow so much has happened this off-season. Never seen anything like this. It looks like it’s over for baker mayfield. I can’t imagine a landing spot for him.

The Seahawks? The giants?

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Hopefully, they have Detroit’s number on speed dial.
7 picks in the first 3 rounds would be the shit!

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Doesn’t it also open up a job for Baker? Is Atlanta going to roll with Mariota as the starter? They ate $40 million to trade Ryan (20% of the cap) and Baker is still on his rookie deal. Albeit its the final year of his deal so its roughly $19 million. With Ridley out all year, they may just be ready for the reset button. I was hoping they’d be a viable partner for a QB trade up.

This is kind of why, regardless of how anyone feels about deshaun Watson this year, this same stuff is going to happen over and over again every off-season.

Everybody has a price and no one is untouchable.

What’s that Winston Churchill joke again?


Season 2 Nbc GIF by The Office

There ya go @Natty

Baker is going to be a Michigan Panther…or the CFL QB with the highest commercials air time in history.

Or both.


Do the Michigan Panthers become the Florida Cougars in the winter time?


That’s an interesting idea. Daniel Jones aint very good. Baker might be a bit better than him.

They also signed Taylor, so maybe not on Baker.

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I could see that. That’s what most failed Browns QB’s do. haha

I really don’t think anyone wants him as a starter. Cleveland is stuck.


Atlanta is where Willis is from, right? They just signed Mariotta to buy some time for Willis. That’s what I think… bring back the Vick glory days with a hometown kid.


You take that back!


Well, the remaining teams that are probably looking for a current starter…

  1. Giants - if they are tired of Dimes
  2. Seattle - if they don’t give Drew a chance
  3. Carolina - if they ditch Darnold
  4. Texans - if they upgrade from Davis

And who are potential remaking QBs rumored to be out there?

  1. Baker
  2. Jimmy
  3. Andy?

Which is most intriguing possibly to a team looking for a QB? I dunno
Any of three are probably more capable than some of these current starts, but at what cost? The 9ers and Cleveland could both get stuck with no takers when they move on, and just have to cut them to create space.
Correct me if I’m wrong…


Carolina beat writers are saying Carolina isn’t interested in him.

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Then why didn’t Baker become part of the Watson trade?