What's the best Mock Draft simulator?

I like the NFL Mock Draft Simulator | NFL Mock Draft Database one but their trade offers are so stupid sometimes. I was doing one earlier where I was offered to move from pick 8 to 13 for a 6th round pick?!?! LOL

There was another one, maybe it was PFF’s where I felt like I would get too good of trade offers every time I drafted.

What’s the best mock draft simulator and why?

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Never touch the stuff.

The PFF one is very repetitive, at least with the default settings, I find it plays out pretty much the same way over and over again. I don’t believe the draft is that predictable, in fact I know for a fact it isn’t, so it could definitely use some more randomness, but that’s the one I’ve used the most. I usually don’t do trades, it’s hard enough to make it believable without the trades.

Here’s a few of the trade-down offers:

Like, how are those at all realistic?

Stopped playing when CJ Stroud was still available at 6 and 18.

I like the NFL mock draft simulator the best since the rankings are consensus, not their own (but yes, the trades are absurd). PFF and PFN are too wildly different on certain guys versus consensus, though at least now you can change the public vs. PFF settings on their simulator.

The biggest problem I have with PFF is their player pool isn’t deep enough. No Jordan McFadden, not Justin Marshall, no Marte Mapu. The late rounds are dull and always the same guy.

I can’t remember which mock drafter it was, but the last time I traded, I got bored with all the trade downs I see here, so I decided to trade up for Bryce Young, by far my favorite player.

I traded all the way up to 1 in exchange for Jared Goff, pick number 6, and pick number 55.

I mean if that’s what it takes, sign me up now, I don’t need to think about it.

Sorry Jared.

It’s funny because last year, Malcolm Rodriguez kept being near the top of the board when I picked in round 6 and it stemmed some conversation about him…and then we actually picked him and he was a stud. Not that I knew that he was going to be, it was just the luck of how their board worked.


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I usually do the PFN one because I like the format. I dislike the PFF because of its grades. Like I don’t need them telling me a pick was a F- just because I’m running sims

I haven’t tried the NFL one yet. Thanks for the link

Try the Draft Zone simulator

just go to the draft zone . com and select Draft Sim at the top.

Think I nailed the perfect draft.

#6 - RB Bijan Robinson (TX)
#18 - DL Calijah Kancey (Pitt)
#48 - LB Jack Campbell (Iowa)
#55 - S Antonio Johnson (Tex A&M)
#81 - WR Cedric Tillman (Tenn)
#152 - OT Jaxson Kirkland (Wash)
#183 - WR Ronnie Bell (Mich)
#194 - CB Cameron Mitchell (NW)

Per the above simulator…

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