What's the betting line on whether

JBC stays or goes. I think it is 100% that he is gone.

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He has to go. That we are still talking about Zack Zenner 3 years into this is about all I can take. Dude got zero sniffs when we cut him, and Cooter somehow thinks he’ll instill fear in a defense? It’s laughable. I feel like we are being trolled at this point.

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We must be watching a different game Nate. I thought Zenner was a highlight today. He average well over 4 yards a carry. I always thought Caldwell may have been a little racist by keeping Washington up and keeping Zenner down. The guys just seems to find cracks where others guys went down after the 1st hit.

You do know he broke his back in 2 places right, that is why he was cut. Not sure how many teams would have picked up a guy with a broken back

ZZ played fine today, but he is a 4th RB at best. No burst, good leg drive, good ball security. To me its whether he or Blount returns to KJ Riddick and a New Addition.

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It’s a given that he will be this scapegoat this offseason.
The bigger concern is whether Patricia truly is a formidable HC.

Zenner has 5.1 yards per carry. That’s not terrible? I think he should get more carries?

They weren’t severe breaks and the dude rehabbed like a mutha! He’s jacked!

Here’s the problem with judging JBC a failure…
Why isn’t anyone judging Davidson a failure? He was brought in to coach up the single-most heavily-invested in group on the team. 2 1sts in 3 years, 2 prized free agents and a 3rd round Center. This was supposed to be a strength this year. I touted them as a potential strength. I bought into the investment as a good counter to the ridiculous DL’s that some NFC teams were putting together. But what did we get? About as bad as could be gotten. More of what we’ve seen the last couple years, to even regression at times.

Why isn’t anyone judging Batman a failure? This is his group of talent out there. He seems to be better at filling out the bottom 10 positions on the roster than Mayew and White did, but if that comes at the expense of the top 10, sign me back up for better starters!

And who’s responsible for this patchwork of disparate influences on the offense to begin with? What the heck? The JBC/Manning/Moore offense is somehow going to be augmented with the addition of Godsey/Cassel while removing the familiar and respected Callahan at QB coach along with adding Davidson/Fraly. Other than they played or coached in the NFL at some point, what commonality do any of them share in scheme or verbiage?

I’m personally very supportive of Patricia, but that hodgepodge of Offensive coaches is about as nonsensical as Caldwell’s failed first attempt at assembling a staff here.

JBC will be an obvious scapegoat, but there’s a bunch of people, Batman Boucher included, that should be sending him letters of apology.

If everyone here remembers the Lions pitched a big fit when they had to wait till after the super bowl to hire their coach, that left nothing for new hires for Patricia. Keep that in mind when dissing the staff or even team. They even called me to see If I was willing to help in some capacity and I only played highschool ball in class D. So, to say the least there were digging in the bottom of the barrel for coaching talent

Mama always said cooter was the devil…

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I have got to stop drinking my coffee while reading the Den!
Personally, I love Cooter. Jim Bob?
I still this he will be a HC in this league, and a good one, too. He needs a break. The Lions are not where you go to get a break. This is where men come to be broken.