Whats the injury update on Slay?

I few days ago on my Yahoo home page there was a tiny snippet about how he felt fine, other than that…I haven’t heard anything .

My guess is that as secretive as the Lions are about injuries, we won’t really know whether Slay will play on Sunday until they come out with the Inactive List an hour and a half before game time. It could go either way, he might be okay or he might aggravate it a little bit at any time between now and then. With these guys you never know.

Hamstring injuries can linger. If it’s a strained hammy he should probably sit Sunday out

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The GB game is far more important. That would give him 3 weeks to heal.

Might just have to roll out the rest of the secondary and see if they can pull one out vs. KC.


The good news I could see is, Slay walked off the field. If it was a severe injury, they wouldnt have let him walk, or he wouldnt have even been on the field yesterday.

My guess is, the hammy locked up on him while stretching and reaching forward. It probably is tight, and Id guess the Lions will keep him resting as much as possible to give the muscle time to heal up before Sunday. Thats why I think he practiced yesterday but didnt do much.

We will see what happens, I do think it will come down to game time to see what he can do, but I think if today is like yesterday, take it as a good sign. If he practices, its a great sign. If he doesnt participate, thats trouble

I always think of 84 when it comes to hamstring injuries.

He was limited in practice yesterday. That’s all they will give until Saturday.

We should get a practice report today and tomorrow.

I agree with redwing777, if it’s lingering still by this Sunday, let him rest for 3 weeks.

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WOTS he is not playing.

Wouldn’t be a huge surprise if he doesn’t play. I tweaked my hamstring plowing the old lady once and I hobbled around for like 2 months. But, as they say, and as the old lady says……“next man up!”


LOL. Good stuff, man

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I don’t want “next man up” if Slay is ok…he would be a BIG help vs KC.

According to the reports, he did more today during practice then he did yesterday. IMO if he does that again tomorrow then I would be surprised if he is not playing on Sunday.