What's the over/under on Booger getting fired?

Talking openly against the refs. Loved the honesty.

Boogz was PISSED, and I can guarantee you he’s not a Lions fan!

So thankful for the honesty, but it’s not really taking much of the sting out of this “loss.”

Wonder if you can bet on Boogar getting fired or not?

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It was the one time I agreed with him, so I hope he doesn’t have anything negative happen.

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Just goes to show you how ridiculous the calls were that he was willing to risk his career over making his comments, you never see that. This game was ludicrous.


This game was beyond infuriating. It’s 3:39 am and we’re still up. Speaking for myself, I’m so pissed I couldn’t sleep if I had to.
Thanks NFL! Your customer service sucks!

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Tell me about it. It’s been a rough last several days, and I still can’t believe it enough to sleep.

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I thought I was last one up, last night
LOL - guess not

I was up until 5:00. Then up and still fuming at 8:30.
I can’t keep doing this. It’s not healthy physically or mentally…or spiritually.
This is how you normalize corruption!

Packer fans are crying about the worst announcers ever!

I suppose they think they’re the best team in the NFL North? Only if the officials are on Green Bays payroll and everybody knows it.
They should be so proud of that win.
Tell you what, those who accept this are not good sportsmen! I don’t want to be handed wins by refs. That’s not winning!

LOL - told you! Booger will be fired

Agreed. When we turn it all the way around, and we start wining SBs, I don’t even want this sort of treatment from the officials. This is exactly why I totally quit watching the NBA
Literally have watched one NBA game in over a decade.

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Must be nice to win games and only ever have to complain about announcers.

Yep, I quit watching the NBA when they fouled Shred out of the final game of the 05 Championship on bullshit calls.
I guit watching baseball when they took away the no hitter in Detroit.
I’m not kidding. I should have quit watching the NFL after the Dallas playoff game.
I have nobody to blame, but, myself. I’m this pissed off because I’m stupid!

I quit watching the NBA when they let Lebron push and shove the Pistons out of the playoffs.

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I do fully expect Booger to be either reprimanded behind closed doors (min) to never do that again or fired (max)

He won’t be fired. Why pour gasoline on a fire?

When retired NFL players say the fix is in and respected retired coaches say there’s a problem, the gasoline has been poured and the fire won’t go out any time soon!

He and Dan will both be talked to. They’ll be shown how much their own incomes are derived from the NFL product and how shining a bad light on the league will cost the networks (and them) money.

They’ll understand better where they fit and will begin complimenting the emperor’s new clothes just like everyone else who profits from it.

That’s why only we can effect change.