What's Your Reaction to Campbell as Head Coach?

What’s Your Reaction to the Likelihood of Campbell as HC?
  • Excited - This is the guy I wanted, and I’m pumped.
  • Good Hire - Maybe not a home run, but a probably a solid double or triple.
  • Meh - No real opinion, average hire.
  • Disappointed - Not excited, little reason to be optimistic.
  • Angry - This is stupid, as bad as it could be, and I’m fired up.

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I’m interested to see the outcome. Some posters have said that they’re blown away by the negativity. I actually think it’s more disappointment and confusion rather than hostility.

Can’t vote until it’s official!

I’m excited but he wasn’t the person I wanted. But I’m still excited. Curious about what happens…

So if I have no real opinion that would be “meh”?

Angry and fired up doesn’t describe my emotions… But “as bad as it could be” does… I’d say I’m disappointed and have no faith in the hire

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I don’t know till I see who they bring in for the Coordinaters. It’s meh right now

Definitely meh. I just don’t have a real feel on him at all.

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That’s myself as well. I’m more curious as to how this turns out than anything.


I voted meh but am cautiously optimistic. I am getting old and just don’t have the energy to be mad at something like this.


Meh. Campbell is just like all the other options, they were either looking for their last chance or their first chance. This won’t change until there is a real front office in Detroit. It could work, but they will suck next year either way.

I do like the Holmes hire more than I did BQ.

Fire Campbell! Someone had to be the first to say it. :joy:


Having watched the Indy game last week and pulling for them as I was, I became irritated with Reich for his chasing points the way he did. If Ballard doesn’t have buyer’s remorse already, a decent season from the Lions next year could do it.


So did Dan CamPbell get hired or did this guy Cambell get the job?

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Jay Glazer at FoxSports is saying Campbell has been hired to be our HC. I suspect he will do well at connecting with his players, and having Spielman has to be helpful. So, I’m kinda hopeful, but he’s another 1st-time HC and that’s kinda scary when you also have a 1st-time GM. It’ll be interesting to see who is selected to be our OC and DC. If it’s me, I think they oughta keep Bevell, but maybe hire a new DC. I’m at the point where I don’t trust nobody, show me somethin’ first. Still hopeful though, can’t help it.

Is this the coach of the Lions you’re asking about? Why would anyone care? Nothing has been announced… we’re all lionized… absolutely no one on this board has any clue how it will work out… put me in the category of ‘I don’t give a shit!’

The fact that is not Matt Patricia has me excited. He could be the local pee wee league coach and I would not care as long as MP is GONE. I was ambivalent to him as a prospect - 2 weeks of watching the team play for him and I knew he was a failure. I had to eat that bad taste every week for over two more years - as we all did. There is absolutely no way he Campbell can be worse.

It’s disappointment because the process this time was sold as different. This time they were going to cast a wide net. This time they weren’t going to jump at the first guy on their mind. This time they would be thorough and the result would be the best coach and GM for the Detroit Lions.

A wide net is cast. They take their time vetting a wide range of candidates in both the pro and college ranks. They then start issuing a wide range of interview request. After this long and thorough process the Detroit Lions determined that the best person to lead the Lions to a Super Bowl out of the entire pro and college ranks is AHC/TE coach Dan Campbell. How is that result NOT disappointing? How does that not suck the life out of Detroit Lions fans?

It’s not about people not wanting to give Campbell a chance. Everyone is going to root for Dan Campbell, because that’s what we do. It’s about being told out of the entire football world, this is the guy. Personally, I would rather they just zeroed in on Dan Campbell right out of the gate and hired him. That I can explain away as the Lions being the Lions and they don’t weight options. What leaves me in disbelief is they cast a wide net across the entire NFL and college ranks and still determined Dan Campbell was the best guy for the job. That doesn’t leave a lot of hope that the Lions get it and this will be different.


I think too many of us see an XL Lombardi or a TE from an 0-16 team. Or we see three youtube interviews and conclude that’s all there is to know.

We forget that the team has leadership woes and that leadership is the greatest trait Campbell has (reportedly).

We dismiss that Chris Spielman and an advisory group of former players had a say in this.

I’m not saying this is going to work, but for a group of people who literally know so little about the communications and effort behind the scenes, we sure do assume an awful lot.


If most of the Den is pissed, then it’s probably a good hire since everyone was sooooo happy with the Patricia hire…

I’m fine with it and excited to see what happens…