When Is Jalen Carter's Visit Scheduled?

I’m curious because voluntary off-season workouts start next Monday and I’m wondering if maybe Hutch, Buggs and Penei might be in the building and invited to be part of interview process? I mean, they’re the guys whose culture Carter might threaten. I’d think Holmbell would want to know if these guys thought they could work with him. It may not be normal operating procedure, but…

Wasn’t it last week?

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Rosenturkey won’t let him visit because the lions have the 18th pick and didn’t promise to trade into the top ten.


“Holmbell”, not bad. But I prefer “Camp Holmes”.


I presume Carter’s visit hasn’t happened yet. It was announced that Will Anderson will visit the Lions this week and that Jalen Carter was visiting the Seahawks yesterday. Wouldn’t we have heard about it if Jailen was in Allen Park already? Instead there’s just crickets at the moment…

it occurred a week to 10 days ago…


It’s old news, bro. He came, went, and all he has to show for it is a blue oval t-shirt.

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I know your confidence has been pretty high that Carter isn’t even an option for us, but why are we doing our due diligence if he is already off our board? Not questioning your information just doesn’t quite add up to me.

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Wasnt he supposed to visit last thursday? Seems like it never happened

This is the extent of the details I could find (posted 2 weeks ago).

Could be that the results of the visit are why he is off the board.

I would not do that as what happens if they aren’t in unison. You’ve potentially created another problem. One side being mad if you do draft him and the other side being mad if you don’t.

I think the team has Dan/Brad’s back. If he says they are good to go, they will bring them in with open arms. Produce and you see the field no matter how much you make or where you were drafted.

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QBHATER90 has mentioned Jalen was off our board long before news of that visit.

I am still hoping Carter slips and we grab him at 6 as the fit/need/talent couldn’t be more perfect for us right now. If Brad passes I would also completely understand.


The Lions did a nice job of keeping the actual meeting secret. Why invite coverage or speculation about a polarizing prospect? I mean more than there already is.

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There are debating rumors. I trust both sides of the conversation. One sides says he has been off the board for a long time. This side is a where the BJ is staying and Willis is a 3rd round pick came from group. The other side is very connected and perhaps he is in play. A visit is a team doing their due diligence. I’m speaking from just what we know:

  1. doesn’t love ball.
  2. doesn’t love the weight room.
  3. has a horrible family life.
  4. has made several poor decisions and was in some fashion involved in a poor choice that resulted in people dying.
  5. is a nice kid who has a good heart, but needs a babysitter.

Now think about what MCDC and Brad have said about what they want in a player and their “no turd policy”

Jamo isn’t a turd. He loves football, and he works when motivated correctly.

Does Jalen sound like a guy they want to take a chance on?

If Brad wants him then this is a masterclass smoke screen bc guys inside are even fooled. And like I keep saying, if they take him sweet, looks like a good get for us and they believe in him. But there is enough rumblings out there to say they’d pass. It’s up to you to decide if it’s smoke or if it’s real.

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If they were quiet about it, then they probably like him.

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It’ll all be revealed in 15 days.

Can’t come soon enough! Can’t even look at another mock draft at this point.


Stage 3 Mockititis, where the mock drafts are no longer pleasing to the senses. No known cure. Treatment options include driving really fast and spending lots of time on message boards.

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I think @Jman is at stage 9. haha