Where are they now: Bubba Baker

One of the biggest (of many) mistakes Russ Thomas ever made–being too cheap to pay a truly dominant player.

I think everyone who saw him play loved Bubba Baker

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Amazing thing here which I never realized is that Bubba Baker had 23 sacks in 1978. That was and would still stand as the NFL single season record for Sacks- AS A ROOKIE! However, because the NFL didn’t recognize Sacks as an official statistic until 1982, Michael Strahan holds the record with 22.5. Incredible.


Drafting Baker, then the next year, Sims. I really, REALLY thought we were heading toward big time!

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I so loved watching him play.

The thing about not counting most of his sacks is crap. It’s not like there isn’t a full film record of them.


Indeed Mr. Spielman. Easily verifiable. The NFL ought to rectify this.

Deacon Jones would hold the record in that case. I’ve seen rough guesstimates for him at 30+ in a season, again with a lot fewer passing opportunities. He may have been the best defensive player ever

I do LOVES me some Bubba Baker however.


Yeah and it should have been 21.5 for Strahan as Favvvvrah gave him that one sack by falling to the ground instead of throwing the ball away. I have a customer that always has his BBQ at their customer open house (it’s… ok sorry Bubba). They view him as a Brown… I of course call BS.

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