Where Does This Team Stand?

I think the Lions have a good shot of winning out, I view them as a .500 team. I think with better talent we start winning these close games. They need to hit the D hard in this draft. Goff is what he is, I would love to replace but I don’t like any of the QB’s in this draft. Hopefully Will Anderson falls in our lap.


I just don’t see how Glenn is getting a free pass these days. The defensive arrangements in situational plays (down and yardage) are terrible. I am watching the game in PA with close friends and a Ravens fan leans over and says "why on earth does your DC have the corners giving a 10 yard cushion on 3rd and 9?

This has been a recurring issue with Glenn’s play calling
Minny game, calls man to man coverage when the vikings are in FG range and we need to force a FG for OT. Man to man gets burned for wide open TD.

Then we give up 36 yards on a play from the 25 with 23 seconds left.

I’ll make this statement right now, if Glenn is still DC next year then expect the same outcome no matter who they draft for Defense. We will be bottom 5 again in defensive rankings


I think the Lions would have won yesterday if just one of these 3 starters Brown, Jackson and Okudah would not have been out, especially Okudah. I hope the Lions win out, but 9-8 or 8-9 is more likely, it is tough to win 6 in a row in the NFL no matter who you are. With 4 draft picks in the 1st 2 rounds next year, I really like where the Lions stand. Help is needed more on the defensive side, but not as much as some think. We have some rookies that look like they are starting to get it. You can argue where they need help, but I trust MCDC and Brad to make the right decisions as far personnel go. I also think next year the game day decisions get better, don’t forget this is also a young coaching staff and they are learning as well.

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I think they win if Jerry Jacobs doesn’t get concussed in the 4th quarter.


My thoughts on the overall state, not just the Thanksgiving game:

  1. Perception. The last 4 weeks have caused a shift in the perception of this rebuild. Yes with fans but also media coverage, and more importantly, I’m sure with players around the league too. Like potential free agents. This team is viewed as “on the way up” and that’s more important than draft position, win/loss record, etc at this juncture.

  2. The Lions need to add a developmental QB. I don’t have the exact person picked out, but thankfully the Lions employ scouts/coaches to figure that out. I don’t care what round, what pick, but find a QB you think you can develop within your culture. Even if it’s a mid round guy who can be a solid back up but also has wheels and can run some sub-package looks if need be. But it can’t be Goff and nothing any longer.

  3. This defense needs talent. Yes we all know of the Lions 5 premium draft picks, but they also need a vet or two as well. I’m not saying they need to swing for the fences with a Trey Flowers like deal - but at least one, preferably two, veterans who can be plus starters. It’s been mostly bargain bin shopping - which I respect given where things were at - but if you want this rebuild to progress the talent on D needs help. Also use whatever picks on defense you want.

  4. Seems weird to say this, but I think they need to add OL talent this offseason. Every year OL go down, maybe not at this rate, but the Lions lacked real OL depth since day 1. If the Lions want to keep this offense on track - they need OL play. Goff needs major protection and Dan wants to be a running team. You gotta have talent on the OL. Cut big V, and add 2 starting level lineman. One at guard and the other anywhere you find value. The elite starters are good, which is huge, but they need some re-enforcements based on how important OL play is to the overall success of this offense.


Nailed it, great year to add an OG somewhere in rounds 3-5


They need to add a good veteran CB in FA, and in the draft, they should go BDPA, CB, RB, LB, OG, and QB.


Giving a 10 yard cushion always irritates the shit out me. It’s not just Glenn it seems like every DC we ever had does this shit.


I agree. They need a good, solid, big, strong quarterback that can and will make things happen. One that can move well when he has to, but not a rabbit like Fields. One that can see the WHOLE field and throw guys open when they aren’t. A receiver can learn a lot from a quarterback like that.
Did Goff play shitty today? Nah. Was he good? Nah. In my eyes, he’s a competent backup. As far as backups go, above average probably. At least, I’d like to have a quarterback that can come in and make him the backup. THAT would be tits. It has nothing to do with disliking Goff. Hell, if Josh Allen was my quarterback I’d even like to get a quarterback that pushes HiM into the backup position. How great would THAT be? Yeah, unrealistic I know, but you get my point.
The defense IS improving, but this next draft will-or CAN-really give it a kick. They have some young guys coming up and ready to break out and a few have hardly played!
Man, I’m afraid they just might get just a little bit too good too soon. For the good of the team I was thinking-ALMOST hoping-but not quite, that they’d be worse than they are for just this one last season. After this year they shouldn’t/won’t be picking in the top half of the draft. They might just be shooting them selves in the foot. Buuut, WTF, eh? I could have taken it one more year, though. Hell, I’ve been seeing it for over 50, one more wasn’t going to hurt anything. They’re getting there. I’m not excited ‘yet’, but they are getting there. Next year they’ll be competitive. The year AFTER that, they WILL be a contender. Can’t believe I said that……again.

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We’re definitely going to add talent on D.
That said…the numbers posted above are ancient past.
What if you went by the last 5 games?
What if you went by last 5 games at the end of the season?

This may have been the 32nd ranked D, but it isn’t now.
Are you telling me that you would literally trade our defense for any defense in the league?


Being in the present moment, we get to see that these dudes are getting better weekly, at this point.

Yesterday was the best game they’ve played all season. Watching that did not scream “32nd ranked D”
Watching that felt more like watching a playoff game.

Gentlemen, The Deeee-Troit Lions are coming…and it’s gonna bring a tear to yoru eye, when you see Dan with his own roster here.


This team is becoming a tough out now. They are poised to be a VERY solid team in 2023 WITH Goff as the starting QB.

I WAS of the opinion that we needed the long-term answer to Goff as our starter but I am waffling on that point now. Goff is MORE than serviceable. I think we can win with him IF he has a solid team around him on both sides of the football.

Think about it this way:
In terms of special teams we need a kicker still. Can Bagley be the long-term answer here? Maybe. His miss sucked and he make was incredible. We have a great punter (locked down) and a hell of returner in Kalif Raymond (under contract for 2023).

In terms of the offense we have $ to re-sign all the guys we want back. Swift is under contract. I don’t think Jonah Jackson will go anywhere and I bet we lock down Evan Brown. I see no significant talent loss that we cannot address in free agency. Hell, if we like Chark I bet a team friendly deal can be had at this point.

On defense we are developing and growing young guys who are arriving right now. Barnes looks like a viable starter now. Rodrigo is getting better. Hutch is a keeper. Paschal is good when on the field. Alim is arriving. Okudah is arriving (and I pick up his option). Buggs looks like a legit rotational player (as a #4 DT maybe). Jacobs looks legit. Kirby Joseph looks great. Point is the Lions will lose no talent unless they choose to ley those players walk.

To me the Lions can likely keep this core together with no real tough calls. I expect we will re-sign Jamaal Williams, Johan Jackson, Chark, Evan Brown, CB Mike Hughes, DL John Cominsky (this guy is perfect here and he just turned 27 in November) and I think DeShon Elliott (who is a viable starting level strong safety for now). I also think CB/S Will Harris should ne back on a team friendly deal.

I see no reason to break the bank on a free agent star at this point. Holmes needs to say the course at this point, keep thi8s growing team together and have another great draft. This team is ready to compete hard in 2023 and hell, there is still a shot at a winning record in 2022.

The Rams pick is critical to me as IF this team can get a top rookie DT that is a game changer for this club that will also get Levi back in 2023. Think about this defense with these players added:
DT Jalen Carter. IF the draft allows the Lions to gameplan this pick I don’t spend free agent $ there in 2023.

Then say we add CB Cam Smith with our 1st rd. pick. Then we have TWO 2nd rd. picks and that smells a whole lot like finishing this defense with a LBer and safety.

Think about this core defense with a top rookie DT, CB, safety and LBer all taken in the top two rounds of the draft. THAT is help on the way adding to the core Holmes has built to date.

The game yesterday was a bummer but the long-term outlook is finally great at this point.


I would be running laps around my house for a week if this was our 1st round haul.


All we need is the Rams pick to be predictable. The Texans and Panthers are likely looking QB and they likely end up at the top of the draft board. From there Will Anderson is likely to find a home early as he is amazing. If we end up drafting 4th with the Rams pick to me DT Jalen Carter is a lock here. That DT rotation on paper looks like a winning combination with Alim, Jalen Carter, Levi and Buggs.

Luckily it looks like there are 4+ CBs looking to go first round and yep, we need CB help. Okudah, Jerry Jacobs, a re-signed Mike Hughes (he will be 26 in February), a top rookie and then Chase Lukas and Will Harris fighting for a spot would make me VERY happy. That is a winning CB position group and we have options.


Slay didn’t, but then again, he was just as fast, if not faster, then virtually every guy he covered. Slay played tight because he wasn’t worried about getting beaten.

Regarding 3, I agree wholeheartedly on the bargain bin shopping which made sense with where the team was at when BH came in. I do expect a shift in FA approach this offseason and hoping for a couple of signings on the defense, no idea who at this point.

I agree on needing another OL player and also that we don’t reach for a QB just because.


I’m all about building through the draft and keeping cap low. We are gonna have dudes like Hutch, Kerby, Rodrigo that are going to need to be re-upped soon.

I trust Brad and I DO expect some sort of big FA help to come in this year.
I would rather keep our own superstars (I know it’s not an either/or situation and that we can do both. I’d just lean toward keeping my own guys.


Except, I will say, assuming Amani is gone in FA, this team needs a potential #1/2 across from Okudah. But they also need to draft another one who can result in Will Harris’ release. I’ve given Harris a lot of slack, but he showed last week, he can’t step in on a crucial play and play with the best. If we plan to play with the best, Harris is OK… If we plan to BE the BEST, Harris is NOT OK


they’re either the 1990 Lions or the 1990 Cowboys.

I pray it’s the latter.