Where were you on this date 10 years ago?

Can’t say this is a memorable event for me :grin:

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Ah memories, the post-Millen era. The scent of smoldering wreckage still in the air and a few fans with tattered Sanders jerseys wandering about.

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I was in Shreveport, Louisiana living in an apartment. I didn’t have Sunday Ticket yet, so I was probably watching the Texans game and then the Saints after that.

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I was lying in bed in rehab while wearing a full Lions Jersey including helmet and cleats.


Was at the game.

The most memorable part about that game was Santana Moss running wild in the Lions secondary. I remember thinking two things: (1) is anybody going to cover this guy? (2) the Lions should’ve tried to sign Moss as a FA.

Anyway, my recollection was correct: 10 catches 178 yards 1 TD for 57 yards


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At the game!

Oh I remember it well… Maybe 60-70% capacity but very loud the last few minutes considering!

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