Which call is the worst?

Polls don’t work on my mobile interface. But I’m trying to decide what is the worst call ever against the Lions:

  1. Gados non-safety forward pass

  2. CJ Catch

  3. Ten second runoff

  4. 2016 Glasgow hands to the face (when a Chicago Bear was dragging him down by the facemask)

  5. Flowers hands to the face

  6. Phantom Face mask against Rodgers

  7. Decker 2 point last night

  8. Pettigrew face-guarding

  9. Schwartz unsportsmanlike on Thanksgiving

I gotta say. It might be because it’s fresh. This is the worst one. It’s the refs still not respecting us enough to do the job right. We battled on the road, already overcoming poor calls to earn a win in perhaps the most hostile environment in football right now. The refs basically told us and the world the Lions don’t matter

At least it’s been announced the crew has been stricken from post season. I’m sure an apology will be coming. But it’s a slap in the face. Decker didn’t deserve this. Goff didn’t deserve this. Campbell didn’t deserve this. We didnt deserve this

  1. Because it cost us a playoff win

  2. Would be the worst if 8 didn’t happen in the playoffs


For the impact it’s clearly the picked up PI.

For the worst mistake by the officials it’s CLEARLY last night. At least the dude Trey Flowers was pushing had his head up.

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9 should be 7. Edit thing is weird

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The batted ball against Seattle should be up there too, and I would say that that’s one of the worst because it’s clear as day what happened, but the refs didn’t know the rules.

The Glasgow one was a game the Lions won, so it’s hard to feel sore about that one.

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Samkon Gado is still the worst call I have ever seen.

I noticed that Graham Glasgow getting penalized for getting his facemask held was on the list. Let’s not forget that the following week we played the Giants, and THIS was called a catch.


Definitely the worst.


That Seattle batted ball was pretty egregious. I don’t fret the facemask call. That one had every appearance of a facemask.

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The ref determined that the defender accidentally knocked it out of the endzone. Totally unintentional.


Gotta add a tenth, the bullshit rule the ref made up on the fly in the end zone about not intentionally batting the ball out of the back of the end zone by the Seattle defender with that ref staring directly at the whole play. That cost us big time


touching lilo and stitch GIF

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someone should make a documentary about this, narrated by Jeff Daniels, with some music by Marshall Mathers

Detroit versus everybody

Outside of that list I remember a play against the Vikings I believe. Pettigrew ran into a defender about 10 yards past the los on a pass play. Pettigrew then went inside on his route and the defender kept back peddling. The play went on for another 3 seconds and Stafford hit a huge pass that would have been a first down in Vikings territory around their 30. Instead the officials threw a flag for offensive pass interference on pettigrew even though he and the linebacker were 30 yards apart when the receiver caught the ball. That backed us up to 3rd and forever. We ended up punting and lost the game. I’ve never seen a call like that before or since.

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They have a couple compilation videos on YouTube about the lions and their fiends in the zebra stripes.

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I remember that :triumph:

What stings about this one is that it wasn’t a bang bang call. It wasn’t based on judgement. It was PROCEDURE! Nobody had to make a split second decision on a close play. It’s like dying on the table during a hangnail removal.

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The Calvin catch still gets me. Not one person–even non-fans–could watch that play and say “Yeah he dropped it no catch.”

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I agree. The closest one is the Schwartz unsportsmanlike. The ref could have just picked up the flag and said it’s not challengeable. Then reviewed the play

The worst thing about all that is the Green Bay coach did the exact same thing the very next week and the refs did just that. It’s basically them telling the Lions they don’t respect us and don’t give a shit about us to make sure the right call was made

Same as last night. The refs didn’t care about getting the call right. They don’t respect the Lions

I remember being angry at the time when watching that game. Another coach threw the challenge flag where he couldn’t and they did nothing but hand him back the red doily


That’s the part that really burns me. McCarthy does the exact same thing and the refs just about lunged onto their knees to pick it up for him. No penalty. Of course not. It’s GB.