Which defensive lineman from the past…

Would thrive in the game today. I’m not talking about borderline hall of fame players like a La’roi glover. I’m talking about a good player that could be great. D’marco Farr is a guy that comes to mind. Undersized defensive tackle that was a good pass rusher. I think in today’s game he could have been an 8-10 sack a year defensive tackle. Who is your guy?

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My guess would be undersized guys with speed that got blown off the ball when they played in the run game, but would fit modern football better because of all the passing.

I bet someone like Cliff Avril would have a better career if he started in the NFL in 2022 compared to 15 years ago.

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Avril is a good pick. What about Robert porcher? Does he go from good to elite if he’s rushing the passer most of the time? Possible hof?


Tracy Scroggins is another one, he would be better today than 25 years ago.

And it’s interesting you can go in reverse as well, many former players who excelled would struggle in modern football due to the speed of the game.


It’s also interesting because some of the guys that thrived back then may not be athletic enough today. Someone like joe klecko maybe?

I think someone like tavai would have thrived as a linebacker in the 80’s. Offenses were simplified and it was just downhill physical football.

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Haha that’s what Tavai tells himself every night before bed. God built me to play football in the 80’s, I was just born at the wrong time. Then he remembers all the money he stole from the Lions and has a wonderful sleep.


Bub ba…
Doug English…
William Gay…
Micheal Cofer…

Just realized that’s 3/4 of the old Silver Rush

Stole is a bit harsh. Not his fault he was drafted. Now if you want to tell me pat swilling stole from the lions I’m perfectly fine with that one.


Cofer was a linebacker but I’ll allow it. That’s a name I haven’t thought of in quite a while.

Kalimba Edwards

In today’s game he could play the same role as he did in college and not be forced to add 30 pounds and shoe horn in as a full time DE.


Yeah, Cofer would probably be a stand up DE in today’s NFL…at least that was my puny brains thought process…

He’d have been in the von Miller role in today’s game.

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I was going to say Bubba Baker and Cofer, sticking with the Lions theme.

Great minds, brother pile… great minds…

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Bubba had like 23 sacks his rookie season…that’s sick.

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Sounds like we need our own forum or to hook up at a rest stop.

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i think we may have to go back in time a little further. maybe the 30’s? maybe when there was only semi-pro ball?

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Haha well he would have been a D-Tackle in those days or a guard. Patricia had him bulk up to 265 his last season in Detroit and then asked him to cover speedy running backs on wheel routes. The poor fella didn’t stand a chance out there.

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Quarterbacks should be thankful guys like him and deacon Jones didn’t have modern training back then. You ever wonder what kind of combine numbers Reggie white would have put up with today’s training techniques and nutrition?

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Reggie would have about 78 reps of 225 I believe the way he used to just throw offensive lineman to the ground.