Which Detroit Lions team was better: The 1991 squad or this 2023 renaissance?

2023–no question and it’s not even a close call.


The 2023 team is the best team since 1962"s 11-3 team. This current team is better than any from the 1990s.

91 team was average team that had one of the best players in the history of the NFL.

Well I’m not sure on personnel. Its arguable. Definitely we have better QB play. We had a couple of HOF level players on offense in Barry, Herman, and Lomas. A great secondary with terrific safeties and good LBers too. The interior of the Oline was a beast before the injuries/accidents. Glover was still terrific. Our secondary WRs were also very good and later in the 90s I think they were close to the best in the league with Perriman/Morton/Moore. 49ers and Vikings probably a tick better.

The main takeaway I have is while there were some good scouts in the late 80s/90s front office, today’s front office structure is one of the best in the league instead of completely dysfunctional. The coaching staff I would also argue is better, but also interestingly similar in being more “players coaches”. We had Tom Moore at one time at OC and he was terrific but so is Ben Johnson. Fontes being a defensive coach helped the defense some, but I don’t recall particuarly memorable coaches on the defensive side.

So I would probably give the nod to today’s team. I think what they are doing is much more consistently good than what those 90s teams achieved, but they still have some more division titles to win before I can say that with absolute certainty.

  1. We have a QB.
    I’d love to have a few of those Dlinemen and Ray Crockett on this team, though

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