Which Lions player’s minicamp hype should you actually buy?

I know it’s only OTA’s and they are in helmets and shorts. I’m really excited by the play of our CB’s that’s going to be a fun battle to watch. Then Jamo looking good is reason for optimism. I think the CB’s and Jamo are key for a SB run.


Hooker’s , because he’s quite literally a rookie and he’s learning how to become a valuable asset at QB.


I’m buying the Arnold hype.
It also looks like Carlton Davis was a smart move.
I haven’t really seen much hype on anyone else, except, Vaki.
Not sure how much of that I’m buying. You know, Jack of all trades…

Meaning we should definitely buy as the full quote is supposedly “A jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one.”

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Tom Kennedy. This is the year. 80 catches 1400 yards 15 TDs

I might be a little conservative with that prediction :wink:



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Levi Onwuzurike


Betts all day
His speed is going to be an issue where in pajamas or pads. Plus he is experienced and motivated. Dude has a ship not a chip on his shoulder

The CB will be much improved and I suspect the defense also.

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It’s interesting looking at Betts and Houston’s RAS side by side. They are almost exactly the opposite player. Houston has everything but agility and Betts only has agility.


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Very interesting look thank you for sharing.

The agility of Betts works better in tight spaces as your ability to dip one way and quickly turn back the other can help with fake outs. Also better for covering.

The explosion numbers from Houston are important in that last part of getting the sack as you leap for the tackle. We saw that in the one on fields where he followed him to the outside and wrapped him up in very impressive fashion.

Both are a bit undersized from those RAS scores but have likely grown in mass and strength lifting full-time. It makes those scores less of a weakness.

No reason they can’t both be very good and have proven in their own ways that they have a nose for the QB.

Betts may be a true underdog story that rises up and I’m all for it!

I’m hopeful. I certainly have nothing against him.
I’m not 100% how he’s even going to be used, at this point.
ST’s, RB, Safety? All 3?
Can’t wait to see him at work. I’m just not sure of his trajectory?

If Levi and Moseley actually make it back…How huge would that be?

Jack Campbell is going to be a monster.

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None. It’s fun stuff to read, knowing who’s getting cut, who starts, etc, but i watched this game long enough to know OTA’s, Camp, pre-season, and anything else means nothing until the reg season. Actually till about week 6.

I am not buying any hype till preseason.
Im hopeful for
WR T Smith and I Williams
DT Levi O.
K. Turner
And of course the draft picks.
I dont think Mahogany and Manu will get much playtime this year.

I predict the defense overall will be disappointing yet again, but I think Hutch reaches a new level based on the pictures of his very obvious intense off-season workout program.

They have addressed every level but the opposite DE. They can only get better!

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Reader >>>>>> Jones

Davenport and Houston >>>>>
Romeo and Julian

Moseley, Davis, Robertson >>>>>
Sutton, Jacobs, Harris.

And thats before we get to the 3 rookies they added on Defense.

This defense will be better. How much better we will have to wait and see

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There are so many different names here that really could surprise this year it’s awesome.

A guy who is really flying under the radar that people had as a future all pro after his rookie year, but he disappointed a bit last year is Kerby Joseph.

With the pass rush expected to be better and much better coverage from the CBs, I bet he gets to roam free a little more and his instincts/ball skills are top notch.