Which Lions player

…do we lose to a season ending injury next year?

Too much optimism and hope, especially from me. Let’s ground ourselves in reality. Who we losing next year?

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Man I can’t help but think these things too. Let’s say Jack Fox. He’d be a big blow, but since we’re going to set the record for least punts ever, we’ll be ok.



I’m going to go out on a limb here and say Levi


Room must be slowing down with a post like these

Which human is gonna hurt Fox, let alone injure him?

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The hell…?

insert confused gif here


I’d feel dirty trying to predict an injury, especially to our hometown team.

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If I had to make a guess right now, which I have no problem doing since my guesses are normally wrong, it would be Rodrigo.

Hopefully our new turf they are putting down will pay dividends.

Money Badger gets tarsal tunnel from the repetitive stress of kicking a record # of extra points

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-10,000 points and a 5 day ban for even bringing this up.

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I am all for content, but having ‘fun’ thread picking a Lion to injure, and then having the karma out there of someone secretly hoping they actually do get injured so that they can be right on post from January just reeks of bad juju.


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