Which NFC North Team won the Den draft?

Pick your winner, 2-4 in your posts.

Chicago Bears 1 QB Caleb Williams USC
Chicago Bears 9 C Jackson Powers-Johnson Oregon
Chicago Bears 75 WR Malik Washington Virginia

Detroit Lions 29 CB Kool Aid McKinstry Alabama
Detroit Lions 61 OT Kiran Amegadije Yale
Detroit Lions 73 WR Brenden Rice USC

Green Bay Packers 25 OT Jordan Morgan Arizona
Green Bay Packers 41 CB Ennis Rakestraw Missouri
Green Bay Packers 58 LB Edgerrin Cooper Texas A&M
Green Bay Packers 88 S Caleb Bullock USC
Green Bay Packers 91 RB Blake Corum Michigan

Minnesota Vikings 11 QB Bo Nix Oregon
Minnesota Vikings 23 OT JC Latham Alabama

  • Chicago
  • Detroit
  • Green Bay
  • Minnesota
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Not the Vikings

No offense @stephenboyd57, it wasn’t your fault Daniels got taken.

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I actually like Bo Nix. I think the adversity he went through will help him. And he had a fantastic year throwing for 45 TDs with only 3 picks. And I like that he has dialed back the running, that will better prepare him for the NFL, where if you rely on running, you don’t play for very long.


I think it is a little hard to judge as GB had five picks while MN had two and the others three so based on volume they may lead. Although I do like who they picked and what they addressed on the roster. I didn’t make the picks family member who is diehard packer did although we agreed on positions of need.

I would have
Chi 2nd
Det 3rd
MN last but that is due to my watching Nix numerous times living here in GA.

I don’t disagree completely with your thoughts here. I’m still judging him from his Auburn days where the league plays defense, well more than the PAC12 did. So I don’t know what to make of his Oregon numbers and I don’t know enough to be fair. So, yea, it’s a biased take

Lions in a landslide

Haha no worries… I blame @Jman for not allowing me to trade up. The guy is a real party pooper.

Martin Short Franck GIF

Caleb played in the same conference and his numbers weren’t as good.

I think you should be forced to change your name to


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the rock GIF

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After selecting Christian Ponder in round 1, should @stephenboyd57 be forced to change his name to Kwesiboyd57 …

  • yes
  • of course
  • no doubt
  • for sure
  • cut his freaking head off !!!
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You Can Do It Waterboy GIF

One of the funniest things I’ve read on here. LOL.

Lol time for my own poll…

How should @Jman and I settle this once and for all?

  • Cage match
  • Arm Wrestling
  • Paint Ball Match
  • Slap Contest
  • Drinking contest
  • All of the above
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KwesiBoyd would get me in the Drinking & Arm Wrestling

He Doesn’t stand a chance in the Cage, the Paintball Field, or the Slap contest.

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We need a special guest referee… someone with morals and integrity… @socko is unfortunately ruled out :joy:

I have a feeling Jman is quite the cheater…:wink:


I don’t disagree, I have questions regarding Caleb as well, as he has only played in conferences that didn’t understand what a defense is, 95% of the conference.
Caleb doesn’t impact my view of Bo Nix, I saw him way too many times living in SEC country and wasn’t impressed.

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Start with the drinking contest.
then slap contest
Paint ball match
Arm Wrestling
Cage Match

I don’t have a sure thing QB in this draft. Lots of talent, all have questions. That’s why if I was the Bears I would trade down and take another QB that I like just as well.

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With two in the top ten that is an option for sure.
Or you just take the one you like the most and get another talent with the next pick.