Which team will show up today?

The one who got handled by the bad teams? Or the one who handled the good teams. I’m
Hoping it’s the second one!

  • The Bad Lions?
  • The Good Lions?

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Worst thing about daylight savings time is having to wait an extra hour for the game lol!

I’ve got a feeling we pull this one out.
We’ve been so inconsistent this year, but when it comes to playing the team’s we’re expected to lose against, we pull it off in convincing fashion.
Weather that ends today is a mystery, but I’ll take this one just like I took us to beat the Pats.

Kerryon with a monster game. Oline goes back to opening huge holes for the run game and Stafford stays clean.
2 sacks for Ziggy, one on the opening drive and Slay shuts down Thielen to keep him under 100.

I agree. The Seattle game just seemed like an apparition – we got punched in the mouth early, and faded way too fast. Just didn’t seem like the team we watched beat Miami, NE and GB. BTW, I hate that I have a good feeling about this game. Just means it will fuel my anger if they turn out another dud …

Hope you guys are right. I feel like this is the season… we’ve looked so good at times but a dud will be catastrophic to the team and locker room. Especially if it’s the offense that lets us down (Tate)

Yah, I promised myself no beer today because a loss would be catastrophic to my level of anger. So I went out last night and got it out of my system.
I tend to be much more calm when hung over. So I’ve prepared myself for any outcome really…

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The one without their most prolific receiver.
NFL Network is projecting the Vikings have a 63% chance of winning.
I can’t believe nobody has the screen name, “Pissedofflionsfan” yet. I may change mine.