Which UDFA has the best shot at making the Lions’ roster?

Steele and Eguakun are two good choices.

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I’d say it’s a landslide

  • WR Isaiah Williams: 83

1 WR -I. Williams - he looks like a st brown 2.0

2 LB - Steele Chambers - Need more ST/ LB depth.

3 C - Eguakun - Super versatile IOL.


I think Hatten has a shot. That’s some serious juice for a long snapper. Almost changes the math on punt coverage. Can he build the trust as a snapper though.


definitely Eguakun

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Yeah i watched an interview with the Long Snapper… he also played Linebacker… he has that mentality. Guy just screamed Dan Campbell player. He asked how many long snappers have over 100 tackles on tape.


Yeah I’d put him #2 behind Williams. The guy he has to beat seems like the teacher’s pet though, so we’ll see if he’s able to do it.

I saw someone say that he didn’t have a negative snap on anything in his previous two seasons.

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Good to know. I know jack sh!t about long snappers.

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what about the defensive player of the year from Canada?

I vote for the kicker from the Michigan panthers

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Those are (or will be) traditional FAs I think, not UDFAs. Like Reader and Amik. Different category imo.


Risdons article from day 1 of camp says that Betts was going up against Manu and was the “most polished” rusher he saw. He’s in rookie camp and going against a massive but unpolished LT, but positive nonetheless.


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Yeah. I knew that. I was referring to the long snapping itself.

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Right. Im sure theres a metric for LS accuracy.

Thats really all that matters with LS. Physicality and accuracy.

I can’t tell the players without a score card but the player that got a $225,000 signing bonus has got to have a good chance.

It’s an uphill battle for all of them.
Chambers and Isaiah have the best shot.

This man went UNDRAFTED :eyes:

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More than likely none of them.

We are a pretty deep team in all areas……


There’s guys like this in every draft class. He didn’t get drafted because he’s strictly a slot and a slow one at that. Nothing to see here. Another Powell type gadget player that never translates to the pros

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