Who @ # 3?

One guy I’m looking at is Kenny Willikes LB Michigan State, from what I read he is a solid run defender and can get to the QB.

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He could be an option in the 2nd if they don’t take Young @ 3

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Yeah not at 3…

2 or 3rd rd

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The couple reps I saw of 1 on 1’s he looked good beating his man easily. Someone to watch.

No one. Unless Chase Young inexplicably drops to No. 3, the Lions trade down.

Gotta be careful with Willikes. He was a very good player, but that program has a bit of a history with their players being roided out. It’s been rumored for years about their “ped program” (not to be confused with their pedo program). They’ve only had a few guys booted, but I would always think twice before drafting anyone from that school, between roids, addition, assault or flat out insane.

at 3 meant 3rd round.

I have a real hard time believing Chase Young will fall anywhere down in the 3rd round.

Lol…Whoever said he was gonna??? No chance in hell

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was referring to where Free , made the comment “unless Chase Young inexplicably drops to No. 3…the Lions trade down.” DT.

That wasn’t clear from the original headline.

Obviously, I was referring to No. 3 overall, not a 3d Rd pick.

Spoken like a true Wolverine fan🤮


Listen, I’m going to be totally honest here. If we draft a QB with the 3OA pick I can’t be accountable for my actions.

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This is where I’d give him a serious look.

Lord just stop. Dumbest thing ever.


Eh… there is a reason Bacci got suspended, also that other LB from a few years ago who couldn’t play in the Rose Bowl. And Willekes play did seem to drop off this year. But I agree, just because some guys are juicing doesn’t mean they all are.

Personally I like their DT Williams. Wish he was bigger but he is a beast.

Lol. He didn’t drop at all, still had issues from his surgery. He killed it vs WF plus his team sucked this year.

I haven’t looked at his stats, but he certainly had a lot less impact in the UM game than he did last year

Everyone did. Can’t look at one game. Wasn’t a better year then last year, but still was good.