Who all do you think is getting OC interviews?

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I’d like to see them bring in guys to get their outside perspective on what they could improve. Ben Johnson is the OC…….it’s a done deal.

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And how much of his decision is going to be influenced by the news of the day?

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I remember when people called us racist last year for hiring a white coach when…

Assistant GM
RB Coach/Assistant HC
DB Coach
OLB Coach

All black.


Hopefully, none at all. To get any traction, DC’s staff would have to look more like the Eagles staff.

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I was just looking at some team’s front office roster. One of their guys had just been hired by another team. His exit left them with virtually no other black guys. And they’ll probably get a comp pick for his hiring. :man_facepalming:

Don’t forget the WR coach! Dan hired the best men for the jobs.

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OC as well.


Dont forget Anthony Lynn

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And the cheerleaders baby!!

Sean payton. :slight_smile:




Well I know one guy they won’t be interviewing…

God dammit!

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