Who are the Top Free Agents on cap-strapped teams?

Philadelphia has 4 free agents on their front 7… They can’t pay them all, I’d love to have Javon Hargrave or TJ Edwards.


He’s letting it grow this offseason!!! @Canucklehead



0% chance he forfeits his handsomeness!

What if the hair color is koolaid honolulu blue!? Does that change anything?

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Dont worry, Ill give B-Dawg a fresh offseason cut!

I recommend something like this… Natty will love it!

Music Video Rock GIF by Lenny Kravitz

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…or not

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The funny part is I shaved my head for years when I was teaching and coaching, it was so easy and convenient. No prep, no shampoo, saved a ton of time every morning. I get it!

But when u got some extra time on ur hands, grow it when and if you can! :smiley:

Love ya bud!

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If I tried to grow my hair out now, ppl would call me patches. LoL.

That said, I am thankful for my baldness and would never change it

0% chance.

Love being handsome…though there are certain drawbacks

Yes, we understand every husband on the planet hating you because their wives have googly-eyes for you is such a tough and unbearable existence; twice as much when you count the non-married and non-dating.

I’m shocked you even leave your house with such hardships wearing on you constantly. You’re such a trooper.

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haha I get it brother

And then there’s the issue of being a traffic hazard.

Like I say…lots of perks, but lots of pressure as well.


How could I have forgotten. I’m surprised hot dental assistants haven’t gashed your gums or an attractive RN hasn’t missed the vein numerous times on shots on accident yet.

This happened last time I donated blood

For real


Patches…lol. thats a funny word

Preach it, brother.

The wife made me stop shaving my head over Christmas / New Years, and the outcome was… let’s say less evenly-covered than I remembered.

Totally unrelated note, did you know that having splotchy, weird hair really makes one look like a child molester?

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