Who are your top 5 safest players in the draft?

Preferably ranked but not necessary. Who are the top 5, or even 10, players in this draft that you are confident will turn out to be good?

I’ll start…

No particular order

Kyle Hamilton
Garrett Wilson
Sauce Gardner
Nakobe Dean
Jaquan Brisker

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Anyone not named Malik Willis.


These are the guys I believe will have excellent careers in the NFL and may outperform their draft positions:

1.) Travon Walker
2.) Aiden Hutchinson
3.) Trent McDuffie
4.) Jermaine Johnson
5.) Chad Muma
6.) Drake London
7.) Daxton Hill
8.) Breece Hall
9.) Jahan Dotson
10.) Christian Watson

After the Aaron “Safest player in the draft” Curry fiasco, I know better than to touch that one with ten foot pole.


A thousand likes for that!

Not only safe, but my “pick” that draft was Eugene Monroe.

Sauce Gardner
Drake London
Tyler Linderbaum (as long as he goes to a ZBS team)
Jalen Pitre

In honor of this thread:


I have no names. Probably guys taken by others that the Lions passed on.

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I lack the draft skills/analysis of many here. But having watched basically every U of M game, I have a hard time believing that Hutchinson won’t be a solid pro. The guy has a ton of strength, good speed off the edge, good instincts, a non-stop motor, and a team first attitude.

Now, will he be a perennial all-pro? That is beyond my analytical skill. But I believe he has a very high floor, and will help whatever team gets him.

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Wow. Not only was Jimmy Johnson wrong, he actually played the “we get paid to do this so shut the F up” card.

“With Larry Shannon coming to our football team by the way, he’s probably a step faster than Randy Moss,” Johnson said. “So he’s bigger, he’s taller, he’s faster. Sometimes everybody gets all carried away, for instance, with Moss and I don’t want to be talking about somebody else’s player. I’m just going to make an example. Some of these people get so carried away. I’d like to pull them aside and say, how many films did you grade in coming to your evaluation?

“I say, `Well, did you ever even see him play?’ . . . Oh, you’ve seen three or four highlights . . . You actually watched SportsCenter and that’s how you made your evaluation of this player. And so we have a lot of scouts, a lot of coaches do a tremendous amount of research. We’re paid to do it. We’ve been doing it our entire lives and I don’t know that somebody in the media can watch SportsCenter and make the evaluation for us as far as who we should have picked.”

And the very next WR off the board after Larry Shannon was Hines Ward!

LOL - I love the honesty of this post. Look for the bravado and arrogance that some people boldly proclaim from, then this take.,fresh air!
So many ppl robbing themselves of joy in so many ways and they don’t even know they do it.

If I’m guessing, I’m going with Hutch


In no order:
Nakobe Dean
Devin Lloyd
Aidan Hutchinson
George Karlaftis, I don’t know if he’ll be an All-Pro, but he’s certain to be one of those “starts in the NFL for eight years” guys.
Not sure I see a fifth guy who’s can’t-miss. All of the top WRs I see as having at least decent NFL careers, if not being great.

Thibs, Hutch, Dean, Willis, London, Hill .

I still remember how annoying it was to hear Mel Kiper say Monroe’s name.

I also thought he would be a pretty good player… and a safe pick… but he was terrible in a way that was truly surprising.

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Some people around this forum play that card occasionally….:speak_no_evil:

  1. D Lloyd- what in his frame, athleticism, film, or productivity doesn’t scream- elite Pro Bowl ILB? He’s my pick for defensive ROY…

  2. T Burks- I’ve seen him comp’d to Aj Brown, DK, and Deebo- and I see a bit of each of them. At 6’3” and 225 he had 120 yards rushing and a td. He also caught 42% of his teams passing yards and 55% of his teams receiving TDs. Not quite Calvin territory, but what Burks did with an inaccurate QB and against SEC defenses was impressive as hell. Look what C Patterson did when the Falcons weaponized him this year. Then there is Deebo.

  3. Jahan Dotson is a bit of DJ Moore, and a bit Diontae Johnson. I love this kid more than most. I would love to see this offense….

  4. Jermaine Johnson- heavy handed edge. Reminds me of Matt Judon. Solid in run game, can drop a bit, and effective pass rusher.

  5. C Muma- tough not to see him as a 120 tackle, 3 sack, 1-3 int type pro. Logan Wilson clone.

  6. Travis Jones- he reminds me a ton of Dexter Lawrence. He doesn’t move like he’s 6’5” and 335 buts he moves blockers around like he is.

  7. Breece Hall- what’s not to like. Missed tackle rate? Broken tackles? Yards per carry? Big plays? Nose for endzone? 45 plus tds, 3,500 yards, 5.7 ypc and nearly 60 catches over last 2 years? Reported 4.43 speed at 220? When he gets drafted later 2nd and makes a run at OROY, many will talk about position value again next year at this time. See J Taylor and D Henry’s value despite being RBs…

Consider we don’t have the best track record of signing any of our guys to 2nd contracts here. I would love 4000 yards over 4 years trading up a bit from 66?

  1. Jalen Pitre is a flat out playmaker. I see a bit of Bob Sanders here.

Swift/J Will
St Brown

Big V

I think we’d need to pick around 10-12 to ensure Burks and could easily land a 2nd and 3rd in the process.

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I just went back to look at Monroe’s wiki page to refresh my memory on how his career unfolded. I got to the “family” section and it said he was the youngest of 16 children. Whoa!

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Love Burks, think he is the best WR in this class and best fit for Lions. I think he moved up after his work outs.

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Good call. I’d add Muma to my five, too.
He has a ready-made NFL game.

[quote=“Spiel54man, post:19, topic:14486”]
I’d add Muma