Who do you think will be the next Pistons head coach?

Gores doesn’t seem to have a problem spending money.
Monty was a shit hire to begin with. Way to piss away 60 Million dollars. (can you imagine being that rich?)
Hopefully they can lure a quality FA this summer.

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It’s been a while since I’ve seen the yellow font.

I thought someone was getting a scolding from dad


This team has had 2 HCs who were coaches of the year for their previous teams… Coached to 60+ wins multiple times… They’ve coached in the CF and Finals… Idc who they bring in, they won’t be more qualified.


They will probably try to get Jerry West.


Stop being so naughty @Jman


Dan Campbell: I mean Xs and O’s may be a weakness, but he’s a real leader of men, CEO type. I really think he could get the culture heading in the right direction. Get them back into the going to work mindset. MAybe even get Cade biting a few kneecaps off.

They should just hold a fan raffle each game for thr following game to be the coach.

I mean, itll probably be like a 3 person rotation since Who da Fudge would go and watch that garbage product?

south park GIF


Not to be a downer, but as long as Gores owns the Pistons, no one good.

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I vote Coach Weasel for the job. If you need an assistant I’m willing to flip a couple tables and throw the Gatorade bucket at a ref for not calling a 7 step travel.

Nancy Lieberman.
She coaches in the Big 3.

Coach Weasel’s film session?

1 hour of Double Dribble.
1 hour of soccer floppers
1 hour of the Goin to Work Pistons
1 hour of Bad Boys.

Now get out there and bust someone’s f#kin lip.



Evil Queso as the pregame meal!


I honestly don’t think Monty was a shit hire. His head was never in it and he shouldn’t have taken the job. His wife is dying of cancer from what I understand and I am sure his brain was very consumed with that and that explains A LOT to me of how he coached this year. But hopefully they have better luck this time around. They need to make a similar hire to the hire they made 25 years ago when they hired Rick Carlisle… :sunglasses:


This is what I am afraid of

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I am guessing JJ Reddick, because he has no experience coaching at any level. Doesn’t mean he can’t be good, but I am not sure who takes this job. I would love Bickerstaff, Borrego, or Quinn.

The Lakers signed him to a 4 year deal 2 days ago.

I guess not then.

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All players are required to step in front of facility staff they pass in the hallways and flop. Can’t practice this valuable NBA tool enough! Martha Ford with a walker should look like Ronnie Lott to the untrained eye!


Mark Jackson. Honestly i have zero clue.