Who do you want the Pistons to draft?

NBA draft is tonight, right?

I believe the Pistons are picking #7 overall, who do you want them to draft?

NBA Draft trade tracker


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Portland|F Robert Covington||||
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Houston|F Trevor Ariza
2020 first-round pick (No. 16)
2021 protected first-round pick|


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Detroit|F Trevor Ariza
2020 first-round pick (No. 16)
Cash considerations||||
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Houston|Future draft pick|

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So, do the Pistons now have pick #7 and pick #16?

One of two outcomes I’d like to see.

  1. Trade Blake and 7 to Golden State for Wiggins and 2, draft Wiseman. Them sign Fred VanVleet at point guard and re-sign Christian Wood to be a stretch 4. They have to hit in Wiseman, and I hope Wiggins plays well enough to be a trade chip in 1.5 years into his 3 years left when Doumboya is ready.

  2. Draft Patrick Williams and hope the Younger, More Raw Kawhi Leonard comos come true. In this case they tank and find a way to sell Kennard for a 2021 pick and grab take on bad contracts for picks, like Rubio and an overpaid shooter. No Van Vleet, but re-sign Wood.

I really don’t want a PG in this draft at 7. They take too long to develop and the best of the crop, Halliburton, looks like a poor copy of Vern Fleming or Fat Lever at best

That means they are Trading Harden, as Ariza is his buddy and they just got him like 2 days ago to help keep him there…

So Pistons probably go Williams at 7 and PG at 16, whoever slips…Maledon, Kira Lewis, maybe Killian Hayes slips that far…I’ve seen that in a mock today…

Or Pistons use 16 with 7 to move down to 4 or 5 and lock in Williams as teams may try to move up to get him

Pistons need scoring. I don’t care how they get it. They need guys that can get buckets!

You seem to be more in tune than the rest of us. What do the Pistons need?..I’m assuming they need to get out from under the Blake Griffin experiment!?!

They have #7 and #16 now. It’s possible they move up.

The Pistons take on Ariza’s contract. He’s due $12.8 million this season, but only $7.1 million of that is guaranteed, so the Pistons could waive him without crushing their cap space.

I was listening this morning on the radio and they were talking about Deni Avdija from Irael and how he would be a day one starter. And then they interviewed a kid from Duke who was some super-freak athlete, can’t remember his name.

Pistons need talent. They should just do a full blow up. Kennard is a FA next year and they owe Blake 75m over next 2 years. They have no point guard whatsoever. Literally.

Wood balled out last year and will be a tough free agent re-sign. Sekou Doumboya could be 90% of what Giannis is…in 4 years, at about a 50/50 chance. Svi Mihalychuk is a tall bench bomber. That is really their core of a rebuild, plus 7 and 16 picks this year and whatever they can get for Blake later this year or next off-season.

I liked Woods from what little I watched of them.
Is Woods a free agent this year or is he on the Pistons for one more year?

Free Agent. I think the Pistons are trying to re-sign him. Derrick Rose has another year left and seems to be getting back to his old self

He’s going to be wanting to cash-in, I’m guessing.

So glad that Charlotte took Lamello, I want nothing to do with anybody from that family.

Lots of dudes at Lamello’s draft party without masks.

what about Haliburton? Is he in play at 7? Would you move up to 4 for him? We REALLY need a PG. Haliburton, Wood, Kennard, Rose, Blake – maybe a playoff team?

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Bulls pimped Williams at 4, so 7 looks like Killian Hayes or Halliburton. Halliburton is being mocked at 6 to ATL though…

Pistons could do Demi Avidja. At 7…Toni Kukoc like point forward…

I heard this morning that Patrick Wiliams didn’t even start at FSU and only averaged 9 points a game?

Yes, heard he has a high ceiling though. Boom or bust.

No love for Obi?