Who else can we all agree will need to be paid in the future?


He got it perfect…right up to the “let Gibby go” part. I’m not gonna sleep right for a week!

Decker - Wait and see after the season
McNeil - wait and see after the season
Barns - Wait and see
Iffy - wait and see.

Hutch - 5th year option and extend.
Jamo - 5th year option and wait and see
Kerby - Pay the man
Houston - has to continue to work this year
Paschal - wait and see

Laporta - pay the man!
Gibbs- 5th year option, maybe franchise tag after that then let him walk
Branch - pay the man
Campbell - 5th year option then wait and see

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Brad will need to be spot on with his drafts


This is where I get to. Would love to have Decker on a 2 year with an additional year for a Lions option/void year. McNeil I would love a 4 year with an easy out after 2. Now I don’t know if those players would do that, but that is why Brad is your GM and I am just a fan. :slight_smile: