Who else do you want to see moved today?


Shop’s open. Someone please take AO.


Guess plan all along was to rebuild i guess

I agree with ao needing yo go

There’s only 1 trade-able player in the defensive backfield, Okudah. Trading Okudah would be committing to losing for another 2+ years.

As for who to trade, I’d get rid of Swift. He’s an enigma. They all think he’s capable of more than he actually produces. I’d gladly take a 3rd to spend on a new RB.


Okudah should be one of the few untouchables tbh

I would die inside if we do


You might be right. I could see someone taking a flier on AO just based on his 6 INTs last year. I could also see Elliot being appealing to someone.


I think decker is gonna get traded

He feels oddman out next on offense


I could see Elliot getting flipped for a day 3 pick.

Okudah needs to be untouchable.

And… maybe Swift or Decker get moved? There’s not a whole lot other than that I see us doing right now. Everyone else is hurt.

I’d call the Rams and ask them how bad they want a solid offensive lineman.


Brockers for 12 lbs of catfish


AO may have some value at CB, but I wouldn’t trade anyone else from that room. The only guy with real value would be Okudah and he is a keeper, IMO. AO’s value could be a conditional 5th at best. A team may be willing to bet on last years tape and his physical talent.

I would offload AO for whatever we can get as I don’t see him being re-signed.

I know others have mentioned Swift, but the value has to be pretty good for me to let him go with another year of cheap control in 2023. I’m talking a 2023 2nd and 2024 3rd round pick if it is coming from a team that is likely making the playoffs. Otherwise I’d keep him.

What are the odds we move someone like Jonah Jackson today? I personally don’t believe in paying high dollar money to guards and we are commited heavily to Sewell, Decker, and Ragnow long term and Vatai as well. With another year of cheap control on Jackson, his value is likely pretty high. I’d take a 1st in a heartbeat.

Decker is on my no trade list as tackles are a lot harder to replace and we already committed to him long term. I personally don’t think Jamaal has enough value to trade and I’d long to bring him back in 2023 as a key veteran leader on this team. Don’t see much value in anyone else that could be on the block.

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Decker aint getting any younger and is making a lot of money!


Board to Patriots? Bill called him out by name as “the best special teams player they’ll play against all year”.


We would win that trade massively!


Jackson could fetch a 2nd from the right team or a 3rd. I don’t think we should move him this year though but I’d understand it if we did.

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Williams, Elliott, are the only ones i think we can trade

Jackson is a building block. A rare success.
You sign him for the going rate, you don’t ship him.


Quenton Nelson is the highest paid guard in the league at 20mil AAV. There is a sizable gap to the next guys around 16mil AAV. After the cap explodes in 2024, Jackson is going to command close to 20mil AAV if he continues his play. The only guards I pay that much are HOF type players. Jackson isn’t that, IMO.

I 100% agree with the assessment of paying good players, I just don’t agree with spending big money on non premium positions. Guard and TE are two of the least valuable positions in football unless you are a transcendent talent like Kelce at TE or Nelson at guard. Just my 2 cents.

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Jackson made the Pro Bowl, so he may be viewed more favorably than his original 3d Rd draft status.

Thats not to say you give him away. If a team is desperate enough to offer a 1st or maybe 2nd and 3rd, I’d definitely consider it. Otherwise you let him play out his contract and hopefully get a conditional pick from him.

Don’t trade Okudah or Jackson, those guys are building blocks who will still be viable players when/if we finally get on the other side of this rebuild.

Don’t trade Decker unless we get blown away by an offer. He’s still got plenty of good years left.

Elliott, Brockers, Reynolds, Raymond, those would be the guys I’d be OK moving on from. We won’t get much but we can’t give them away either.

We should have traded AO in the offseason. Despite his picks his underlying metrics were those of a pretty bad CB. And so it’s proved. I really don’t think we’d get any more than a 7th. And maybe it would be worth it. Call Cincy since they lost Awuzie last night.


Great post!!!

Move Sewell to LT now at age 22…. Pay Jonah Jackson 5 years and 55M through age 31… with what’s left it would be a 6 year 56M deal…

Try and move Decker and Swift… maybe adding another 2nd and a 3rd between them.

DT, DT, Edge, LB, CB, S

Sounds like a lot…

  1. B Young
  2. CB
  3. RB
  4. OT
  5. Edge
  6. LB
  7. RG
  8. WR
  9. S
  10. K

In this scenario we still have Goff…

We still have about 60Min cap room after Big V, Hock, Swift, Decker, Brockers, Romeo

  • we get wayyy younger and cheaper on offense.


  • Rookie Edge
  • rookie CB
  • rookie LB

Sign Payne, Vet CB, Vet Safety, vet WR, vet TE

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