Who goes undefeated now?!

15 teams are 1-0 ( I’m not counting ties)

I see Philly as the most likely to make a run for 17-0, barring injuries…

Who do you got?!



Well I had Detroit but I guess thats out the window.

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If not for the pick 6, we beat Philly. They won’t always be that lucky.

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No one will go undefeated is the real answer.

But Buffalo would be the best chance. The Chiefs are elite too but their division is too tough, they will lose some games.

I got the Bills going 13-4 and having the best record in the NFL.

I see Philly going 11-6 and winning the East. Dak being out really helps them.


Crap, I had Houston.


Buffalo plays @ Kansas City in week 6!


Looking forward to that!!

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Plus Chargers @ KC tomorrow.

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I was chatting today with a buddy about this. If I had to make a top 10 teams in the NFL list, 8 of them would be from the AFC. Only the Rams and Bucs from the NFC would make my top 10. You could argue the Packers make a 3rd team from the NFC. I had the Packers at #11 on my list.

Thank God the Lions aren’t in the AFC.

With ya!

I’m just bored and wondering who will last the longest…

I can see Philly going at least 10-0 to start…. We will see!

Chargers and KC play twice. The AFC Weat is brutal because all 4 teams are (on paper) playoff contenders although Denver’s rookie coach may doom them.

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And tonight one of the undefeated will go down!!

For anyone who didn’t know (me included), Khalil Mack had 3 sacks in his Chargers debut last week. I didn’t know until listening to the pregame analysis for tonight. Joey Bosa had 1.5 sacks coming off the opposite side.

Thursday night games present alot of challenges, particularly when it comes to gameplanning. The Chargers will have an asset of a raw pass rush without needing to do alot of gameplanning to achieve it.

I would say Buffalo, but they will have 1 loss on Thanksgiving

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Losing to the Lions should be worth 2 losses.

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Would that mean we get credit for 2 wins!? Because if we got credit for 2 wins every time we win, I like our chances of winning 10 games.

If we got credit for 2 wins every time we won…Matt Patricia would have still only won 6 games in 2019.


Down to 14 now … sry LAC

We should lose 3 more minimum this weekend!