Who is Brad going to Re-Sign FIRST? Priority #1?

To me it is Chark. 27 years old in September. a 16.7 YPC average. I want a 2-3 year deal from him and I am structuring his deal so I can extend Jameson Williams and Amon Ra St. Brown when necessary. These are my three dogs and I am going to field a WR position group that is better than your CB/secondary. I am not letting him walk. And I am not setting myself up to lose my younger WRs but I want that top three in tact.

Chark is going to be our highest dollar FA and believe Brad locks him down first and quickly.

I would then focus on Cominsky who I think the Lions see as a starter now. Romeo is his back up and to that end yes, I am going to save $ taking some from Romeo. Romeo becomes the back up and Cominsky is my starter and I am willing to spend a little coin on John but he is a glorified role player and I pay him like a luxury depth player.

Chark lets me know how much $ I have remaining and I make sure to lock down John after that THEN I look at our remaining guys.


Cominsky, jamaal, Elliott, then Chark… see what stupid money he’s gonna get and also establish what money you got to work with and see if he resigns with us. I like him but wouldn’t throw a ridiculous contract at him




I honestly don’t have Chark coming back.


Chark not coming back? Why?

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The Commish!


That money would be more valuable to us if it was spent on defense.

We’ve got too many defensive personnel issues to be complaining about Josh Reynolds being in the starting lineup.


Not a great year to get FA WR’s, in fact like Golladay he might get the best contract. The only way I would offer him wouldn’t be guaranteed money, it would be a base with incentives and he’s not going to have to do that somewhere else. Why would we roll the dice on his health when we have Williams coming in? We can also draft a WR, I’m sorry I just don’t see it. He was an all pro, you don’t just find them anywhere but you still have to pay them. We’re very close to being a very good team. Bad contracts are falling off, let them go.


We have the money to bring back everyone we want to keep.
If we do keep as many as I want to, there will just be less to pay the flash fantasy player.
I want to keep the guys that know the system and perform(ed) well in it. We know they fit. We know they are not a cancer.
We’ll still get a fantasy player or two.

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I don’t agree at all….

We fielded a defense of…

Hutch- rookie
Da Problem- late pick rookie
McNeill- 2nd year mid rounder
Buggs- udfa… waiver pickup
Benito… waiver pickup
Commish- mid rounder… waiver pickup
Paschal- injured rookie
Rodrigo- late round rookie
AA- low level FA
Barnes- mid rounder- 2nd year
Okudah- 1 year removed Achilles
Jacobs- udfa
Elliott- rookie mid rounder
Hughes- low level FA
Elliott- low level FA….

The reason we went 9-8 was the offense, coaching, and in season development….

  1. If Goff regresses, then we are going to reach for a QB in 2024….

  2. If Jamo doesn’t prove to be a WR1… then we have a modest WR group in 23’, and with Raymond and Reynolds becoming free agents in 2024- we’d be in WR again….

  3. In order to improve in 23’, we need our offense to stay the same or improve, and add high level talent to our D…. Spending our cap space to sign the same defensive guys who sucked last year is ignorant.

  4. Swaggy

  5. Chark

  6. Buggs

  7. Commish

I believe that edge will likely be the BPA at #6… so signing Commish to big money complicated things a bit.

  1. Sign Chauncey Gardner-Johnson and Pratt to 12M and 8M per…. These guys are 4 year type guys and this year one could be 8M and 6M hits- without voided years.

  2. Draft- T Wilson, M Murphy, W Anderson, Van Ness and then Witherspoon, Branch, or Gonzalez in round one…

  • or
  1. Sign Commish to 2 years and 14M and Elliott to 3 years and 21M…. Year one hits of 6M and 6M….

  2. Draft Gonzalez and Simpson?

I’d rather have an impact player opposite Hutch, a leader at LB, a pro bowler and playmaker at SS, and a solid rookie CB

T Wilson/Murphy



We are then setup up to take DT and RG in 2, and best RB in 3

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I wouldn’t have let J-Will or Commish out of the building the Tuesday after when they cleaned out their locker. Ink would already be dry. Well, I guess technically they might not be allowed but at the very least the winks and handshakes would have commenced.

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Cominsky, He is the most important IMO


I will not break down your post but is really bad …I know you put work into it but make it real not like a wish list.

What your looking for is shiny player moves so you can talk to friends about all the moves Brad made.

You can turn on the talking head stations an hear them say nice things about Lions.

You still can’t admit Goff is are QB yet you an others admit he is good so I have this question for you to prove me wrong.

After the easy to name QBs now tell me right now who is better than Goff you do know this season was even better for him than when he went to SB.

We have a Good QB now he may have off season but he is not a shiny new player media will talk about.

I would be happy if media never said a word just announce moves an leave it ,all they do is spout there opinions an some have no idea who is even on roster.

The Lions will never i mean never get the homie press that teams like Dallas an GB an New England get an more.
You want example the laughed at are head coach when he gave his into talk, they would rather talk for weeks about Rodgers.

You take players who Lions new when drafted were injured an you use it for why we shuld sign an throw cap money away on FA.
We have been down this road of over pay come to Lions get your retirement package.

I would be Happy if we didn’t sign any till after the draft just are own.

You think some of these are better than what we have maybe it was the player beside the UFA that you should sign.
I am not ragging on you i like the work you put in but after reading it for months I think you should look more realistic an limit moves.
I am not interested in what talking heads say not interested in what media says. I am interested in Lions have been for so many years hard to count that high.
Resign main players maybe pick up couple mid price UFAs an draft . Then claim after draft thats where they got the Comish

Who is the defensive player we can’t possibly bring in if we don’t sign Chark?

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He IMO is 50/50 coming back He fits what they want to do , But Holmes will not over pay him.

If Holmes can work the void money into deal i can see 3 years at around 30 mil but includes the void money owed. We owe almost 3 mill in 2023 an 2024.

So maybe kick it up to 33 mill over 3 years an add the 6 mill to bonus money That kinda deal would work.
Just a Idea we owe that 6 anyway so work it into a new deal.

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Confused Dogs GIF by MOODMAN

I assume you mean who can we bring in if we don’t sign Chark? Or who can’t we bring in if we sign Chark?

Otherwise I don’t understand what you’re asking me.


If we sign Chark. Who is the defensive player we can’t sign?

Will Harris …. I hope!


While this makes sense on the surface I would have to disagree. If we had a top level defender as a FA and we had to choose between him and Chark then I would agree.

I would much rather resign Chark at 12mil APY than spend that on an outside FA and hope they work out. Chark has played in this offense for Goff. We know they started developing good chemistry down the stretch. We know what Chark brings to this team. Why gamble on someone we hope will have success here, instead of keep the guy who already has?

Tell that to Kansas City.

But that’s just it. Do we have space to sign these guys and resign everyone you want to at market value and sign our rookies?

You’re looking at $30M between Chark, CGJ, and Pratt, and then you’ve got to pay Cominsky and J-Will, plus signing our rookie class. We’d need like $48M in space to pull that off, and that’s not counting anything we take into the season (I think). If we’ve got the space for all that then great, and I’d want Chark back, but I’d rather have CGJ and Pratt or another good LB than Chark given how bad our defense was.

Pretty much any $10M APY player or above. Chauncey Gardner-Johnson, James Bradberry, Javon Hargrave, etc.

It looks like we’ll have room for one of those guys but not two, and our defense definitely could use two.