Who is 'inactive' for todays game (for the lions)?

think we have 4 out, the Ravens have 3 out??

Just read that Trey Flowers is out.

think Tom Kennedy is to…

That has to be a partial list.

I saw an article yesterday that said Ravens had 4 out because of Covid.
Not sure if they have any others out. I didn’t even read it. I think someone in here may actually have put up the link

Per rotoworld…

Lions declared DE Trey Flowers, LB Jamie Collins Sr., RB Jermar Jefferson, and WR Tom Kennedy inactive for Week 3 against the Ravens.

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thanks… !

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Flowers is really starting to feel like he’s on his way out of town, eh guys?

yeah I don’t know what is up with him-Flowers. and I guess Goalpost sat last game out to.


LOL - Goalpost used to be SO reliable, but screwed us TWICE on Sunday!

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Has goalpost doinked its way off the team?


ahhhhh maybe Goalpost just started dissappearing in games , like some of our typical players??