Who is more likely to surpass their rookie output: LaPorta or Gibbs?

Gibbs, no contest.


Now to be clear. Lets make some assumption that both play 15+ games and are healthy.

At first I scream Gibbs all day. But man LaPorta could go for 1000 yards and 16+ TDs. So what if that happens I am hoping Gibbs also improves and we are debating who improved the most.

I have seen some projects that have LaPorta at 20+ TDs which seems insane.

I think we are all looking forward to seeing what Gibbs does more than LaPorta just because LaPorta had a season most likely is closer to his max production. Where I think Gibbs could go for 2000 scrimmage yards next season if he gets enough touches.

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I think Gibbs. His rookie utilization had him off to a slow start. I believe he starts with a much better usage and easily surpasses last year barring injury.

I think LaPorta may also surpass, but I believe target share may alter his raw numbers. I see no decline in his impact even if the numbers are lessened/consistent.

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I absolutely think he could accomplish a 2000 yard season. But the Lions won’t do it, nor should they IMO. Spread out the touches for Monty and Gibbs and make sure they are healthy for the playoffs.

Last year they combined for about 2500 total yards and over 20 TD’s. Quite the combo meal. Both guys also missed a couple games. Could have been more.


Gibbs! (plus he’s probably burning from that botched fumble in the NFC title game upon which all things started unraveling which will only motivate him even more)


In an ideal world - unless my knowledge of the game escapes me - we would have the first two backs in history with both 1,500 all-purpose yards and 10+ touchdowns (say, 3248 and 23).

That is very much a “if it ain’t broke, don’t try to fix it” situation.


I’m not sure it’s an “either/or” proposition.
Probably both. They were both rookies.

LaPorta had Probowl numbers. If he beats that i cant imagine it will be by much. And got a lot more play time early. Gibbs really didnt start getting a good amount of touches till around the bye week.

I bet Gibbs will do better this season. But he still wont be a bellcow.
He’ll likely get around 40-45% of carries this year vs his 36% this past year. But obviously more productive

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I’ll say Gibbs surprises more than LaPorta-only because LaPorta has already proven himself as a solid , reliable football player on this team, I don’t see LaPorta becoming a highly noticeable (better) player than he has already shown to the staff, to the fans, and to his team mates…Gibbs has to prove he has what it takes to stay -not unlike Jamo–got to take that next step.

Little surprised that you have Gibbs in a similar category as Jamo from a prove it stance. Gibbs will get better even if just from year one to two point, Jamo has more to prove than Gibbs does and it isn’t close.

If I misread your intent in the Jamo/Gibbs comment …apologies.

my point -was- that both have stuff they need to keep working on and to step up -I wasn’t pointiong to one or the other—just meant both…

I’d say Gibbs on another team, but these coaches just love their power runners so much

Gibbs. Not even a question