Who is our best Linebacker?

Chris Spielman

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Anzalone until proven otherwise.

I expect that after this year, Cap (oops, I meant Barnes) and Captain Jack will surpass Nordstrom’s Thor.

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Can I vote Anzalone right now, Jack Campbell by game 16?

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Although don’t count out Barnes as our top LB in 2024. Got a feeling that he’s going to have a really good year.

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I hear what you’re saying, he’s come a long ways. It’s going to take me a while to un-see that blitz and the clutch huge hit he delivered vs Dallas…

Top 10 worst play ever by a linebacker. It was so bad it made me think he did it on purpose. Thanks for reminding me though… haha

In the words of Charles Barkley… terrrrrrrible


I am shocked (literally shocked) that I had wiped that from my brain, until you guys just mentioned it here. When i thought about Barnes, I thought about the game-sealing INT against TampaBay. Totally forgot about the Dallas whiff. I agree, it looked like he was purposefully avoiding contact.

Amazing that GB beat Dallas, so none of it mattered.


I do not feel the average Lions fan understands the significance in this signing and what it means for the Lions, AG, the LBers and overall scheme.

AG utilizes a fair amount of stack formations and with Reader I suspect that number will go up. A stack Lber behind Reader will be able to read and react to the running back and QB. This should help significantly against these running QB’s. Not to mention help the delayed and zone blitz.

Not only did they beat them in Dallas…they embarrassed them.


I’m glad to see the value of good DT play on the rise, thinking about pay for DT’s as it has significantly improved

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I felt the exact same. It is plays like that one that make you think the players are paid off and the game is rigged. I had one of my better meltdowns on that play…literally was acting like a child. Screaming and swearing at the TV. I had to take a walk. I wanted that Dallas game so bad. I am not 100% sure I had them as #1 on my most hated team and fan base but they are for sure top 3.

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Anzalone was last year, but Jack progressed well and will be this year.
I still think we need one more. Or does Houston count?

Oh I am not one of those fans. The Reader signing was HUGE. The extra push up the middle and the pure beef he supplies and the space he eats up will be eye opening for the defense. The Lions Dline has been at best average to the NFL standards IMO. Reader should make it a plus Dline. That along with the secondary upgrades and I am expecting some big things this season.

When is opening day again?

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I will say that I am not sure we have a difference maker on the team in the LB group. I am hoping I am wrong and it has just been an issue of Dline and Secondary forcing this group to be stretched trying to compensate for the deficiencies in those groups and “glue” the defense together.

Hopefully the upgrades in the other 2 groups unlocks some more big plays out of this group. It really does become a holistic issue. If Hutch gets 18 sacks this season will it be because he just got tons better or will it be because Reader and Alim are pushing the pocket?

Then we overcame it…scored a 2 point conversion and won the game…

Until the zebras made up complete bullshit.

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That entire game was an embarrassment

Thank God we won 2 playoffs games.

Please reference my post above about the paranoid take that it is all fixed…LOL

BTW my argument that the league is clearly not fixed is the fact that Dallas has not won shite in almost 30 years. And have not been to a Super Bowl since 96. So if there was any team that would be paying off the league to win it would be these cheating, lying, ugly, dim-witted, no good bastards.

All I gotta say is ■■■■ Jerry Jones. That dude is an ass clown.

I hate the Packers but Dallas might be worse. To make it worse they hired the former packers coach…who I’d like to smack upside the head with a shovel.

Other than that…I’m a pretty easy going fella. :joy: