Who is our big WR?

With rumors of Mike Williams being potentially released, I wonder what the preferred route is for the board here to fill the big wide receiver role for next year. Need someone who can go get the contested catch and win in the red zone. What’s your choice, given the cost associated?

  • Mike Evans ($25M)
  • Mike Williams ($17M)
  • Josh Reynolds ($5M)
  • Keon Coleman @ 29
  • Best WR available day 2
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Donovan People’s Jones is no little dude.

25 years old. Hope we get him back and see what he can do with a full camp here


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That’s for you, @Jman ('cause you know you were thinking it)

Would be ok with best wr day 2 and Josh Reynolds…both. Training camp will sort it out.

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The best 6th or 7th round WR should be an option for the poll, IMO.

With an exceptionally deep WR group this year, there should be some quality for Brad to pick through on Day 3. I’m thinking someone like Joshua Cephus/UTSA could be left for us at #207 because of that bounty.

Ball don’t lie and draft don’t lie, so we’ll see.

We have LaPorta and Jamo.
I say, resign Josh, and DPJ.

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Baby Chark do do do do do do.


None mentioned.

I would absolutely bring him back if we could.


St Brown

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My idea would be to resign both DPJ and Reynolds and I would also look in to bringing back Chark on a incentive deal. You can get all 3 cheaper then a Williams or Evens. And Goff has a rapport with all 3 . Goff and People’s was just starting to know each other. Chark and him was really seeing things together when he left. It would be instant help with all 3. And we would be loaded at the position with guys Goff has chemistry with in case of injuries


He is going to be very very cheap, and he has already developed a rapport with Goff.

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He is already on the roster


Id be fine with Chark coming back, and then adding Van Jefferson as well. For Chark, it just depends what he is looking to get in terms of a contract. He is injured all the time. Jefferson could be nice insurance behind him.

She started out a tight end, now she’s a wide receiver.


Probably not much. Got 5 mill last year and had mixed results. Prob 3 or 4 mill guaranteed will do it.

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Van Jefferson is terrible. Even in his “career year” with the rams in 2021, he was painful to watch. Can’t track a ball worth a damn.

ARSB, Jamo, Raymond are locked in. If we bring back both Reynolds and DPJ we have zero reason to draft a WR before day 3. I’m personally hoping for us to re-sign DPJ and let Reynolds go. Love what Reynolds did for us in our rebuild but I’m ready to see Jamo get all of the #2 snaps and targets. I do not want to see Jared Goff preferring to throw to Reynolds at Jamos expense.

DPJ or a day 2 rookie (if we let one of our two walk) comes in on 3 WR sets as the X. The WR snap count should be ARSB, Jamo………with a massive gap between #3-5


Yeah, Van Jefferson over him was what I was thinking. I dont know about VJ ball tracking. When he was with the Rams I know Stafford hit him deep multiple times…i also dont remember that being an issue in college…


To me, DPJ is extremely slow off the line and in and out of breaks. I had hopes he could be a nice piece for us, but I was left disappointed by what showed on the field. DPJ is still young and has room to improve, but he has had top coaching for years now as well.

I also forgot we signed Trequan Smith.

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Van Jefferson is “bad.” He has no heart and is just going thru the motions when he plays. He is definitely not a Detroit Lion and Brad Holmes knows it. The Rams shipped Van Jefferson out of town while he was still on his rookie deal. They couldn’t even get a draft pick in return for him. All they got was a deal from the Falcons willing to trade down from the 6th round to the 7th round. As part of the trade down, the Rams gave the Falcons Jefferson.

When I saw Van Jefferson not fighting for balls in the damn Super Bowl, I knew he was a lost cause. The Rams saw it too.