Who is the best Lion on this roster? After Sewell!


  1. The best player relative to their position in the league.

  2. The best player relative to the others on the team.

  3. If you could extend only on player on this team and everyone else became a free agent, who would it be?

Pick only one player for each number.


  1. Sewell
  2. Sewell
  3. Sewell

Whoever has the most dog in him.

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This is the proper answer

Well damn it. That was my answer too. Maybe the topic should be NOT Sewell.

  1. Fox
  2. Saint
  3. La Porta

Sewell is literally the best OLineman in the league and has a chance to be one of the best ever. Thats not even hyperbole. I’d argue he is one of the ten best players in the league if you take out the weighted value of a QB.

After him it is probably Ragnow, St Brown, Hutch, LaPorta, and Goff.

Goff is and always will be the most valuable though.

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Sewell is always eligible. You’re thinking of Decker, obviously

You had to go there.

For the record I took Sewell off. Too obvious.

After Sewell then it’s St Brown
Then it’s gonna be Laporta.

That’s top 3

Next 5 - in no order
Goff, Hutch, Fox, Ragnow, Decker,

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Best at their job

  1. Fox & Sewell
  2. Ra
  3. LaPorta

After this next season, I expect Gibby to be somewhere between & possibly above Ra & LaPorta. Gibby is a different animal, despite how much ppl do/don’t value RB. Gibby is still tip of the iceberg.
I like Ra better than Laporta today, but LaPorta is still waiting for pubes to come in. I like Ra’s energy more, but it is tough to argue with LaPorta’s production & reliability too…especially for a rook.

right on, bro

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Best at their job, excluding Sewell, not in order


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I agree w everyone else, sewell set the tone. HE IS EVERYTHING. When it is all said and done I believe he may be the biggest Lion EVER…im completly sober and medicated properly :crazy_face:

I remember reading a Sports Illustrated the magazine article on Sewell after his freshman year at Oregon and how they were talking about just how good he was and destined to be a 1OA. I remember thinking “damn, i would LOVE this guy in Detroit, too bad we will never get a shot at him”


Did anyone mention Sewell yet!? :joy::joy::joy:

I think Gibbs has best running back in the nfl potential.

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I think he will lead the league in plays of 20+ yards by a wide margin soon.


I think he might have as a rookie

To me, INCLUDING Sewell, I pick Ragnow. Over Sewell. I think Frank is the best center in the game. That is more important as a QB can step into a pocket AND we can run up the guy. Top center in the game.

From there I take Sewell. Top tackle in the game.

Then Amon Ra. Consistency and production.

4th is Hutch. Like Amon Ra. Consistency and production.

5th is LaPorta. Top 3 TE right now. Scary good.

6th is Taylor Decker. Mr. Consistent. A great team leader.

7th is Montgomery for my $. Always falls forward. Can block AND catch.

8th is Gibbs. Lightening.

9th is Brian Branch.

10th is Alim McNeil. Steady. Improving EVERY season. Becoming scary too.

I left Goff off but Goff is likely the 4th best Lion on the roster but he plays the most important position. Ragnow and Sewell are the best at their positions. Amon Ra is a top 5 WR to me.

I place Goff at 5th-8th best QB in the league right now. Therefore the 4th best Lions player. I bump everyone down one notch to include Goff with Alim being the 11th best.

Honorable mention: Anzalone. Damn was he good in 2023.

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I think a legit case for Ragnow is there, the importance of line calls and so much more.

I lean to LaPorta near the top just due to the difficulty of the TE position in the NFL and what he did as a first year player is rare.

The fact that this team has several strong players that have more years ahead of them leaves hope for a strong run with this team.