Who is the best Lion on this roster? After Sewell!

You could definitely talk AG into it.

I’m thinking pre-snap motion from wing/slot scenario. We know he has great measurables and moves very well for his size, but is he a natural runner? I would bet he is one of those cats that is fast AF in pads.

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Line that big MF’r up at FS

Fox didn’t run the 40 at the combine because the speed of sound couldn’t be detected by the radar.

I hear he can’t hit max speed indoors, because it takes him longer than the length of the field to slow down.

…they have to clock him in open desert terrain.

He’s basically Jalen Carter without a vehicle. Lmao we have completely hijacked the thread. Also something Carter would be great at.

I really do find it hilarious that our ‘punter’ is a lethal weapon like that. From his first punt of the year…a 70 yarder with sick hang time to pin KC on their own 9, to his last…an 80 yarder that should have been downed at the 1…that cat is a disaster for the opposition in the field flipping game, as well as QB’ing the special teams unit.

I can’t belive ppl still don’t line up properly. Opposing return men constantly running backward as the ball sails over thier head. wtf, guys? Aren’t you watching film?

St. Brown. The only receiver better than him in franchise history is Megatron.

No Amon-Ra in your top 5? Blasphemy
Amon-Ra is the CLEAR #2 on this list IMO.

Dan Skipper

Not at all.
Best center in the league with all that he has too do to set up each playcall, no brainer.
TE for all he has to know, and a rookie, no brainer
Then you could put Goff ahead of St brown, the guy who has to throw the ball to him.
Hutch for the defense and the constant pressure rate/sacks
So yea, no problem not having St Brown on the list.
If anything, it goes to show how deep and talented the Holme’s roster is that St Brown is four or five on my list.

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With all due respect of course :wink:

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9 on offense
Team needs a few more on the other side of the ball.


Sewell, Ragnow, St Brown, LaPorta and Fox are all among the top handful of players at their position.

Gibbs, Montgomery, Goff and Hutchinson are top 10 at their position.

We really need some more defensive players on those lists.


The hope is that either Campbell or Branch or McNeil can start jumping into these lists. But that’s optimistic of course. In the mean time the Lions need to find a way to add a dawg on the defensive side of the ball.


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yup! One freakin’ monster pass rusher, a CB1, & a kicker!