Who is the better QB: Jared Goff or Danny Dimes?

Goff is easily better than Jones. Daniel Jones is absolutely horrible.


They are nothing alike in any way. Goff is a pure pocket passer that can’t move. Whereas Jones isn’t very accurate but he can run. I’d take Goff over Jones, but Jones does allow the Giants to do some creative things. I bet Jones has 80-90 yards rushing this week. Read option, fake it to Barkley, the Lions defense is going to take that cheese everytime, pull it and run.


Goff and it’s not even close. They might beat us, but it’ll be because of Barkley and their defense who I believe is #2 in the league in getting off the field on 3rd down.

It could also be those things along with the Lions vs. running QBs.

But if you’re getting into a shootout, I’m taking Goff 10 out of 10 times.


As of today Goff is better stat wise then 22 other QB’s in the league. The Giants are a whole other animal with pressures. We will see how he does against 6 man blitzes.


Jared Goff has more passing 1st downs than Daniel Jones has passing and rushing 1st downs combined. Saquan Barkley is averaging 103.4 yards per game. The most Todd gurley ever averaged rushing per game is 89.4. The reason The Giants are 7-2 and the Lions are 3-6 is A) Todd Gurley B) The Giants defense is giving up 19.2 points per game and the Lions are giving up 29.3. Jared Goff is profoundly better than Daniel Jones. These Goff haters are tiresome.


1000% percent…

I have said this 10 times already…

1)??? trade Lions D for Eagles D… and swap out Chark for AJ Brown week 1… who wins? The Eagles added Bradberry, K White, H Reddick, and J Davis to their defense in one offseason, and it’s shown…

    • we didn’t need to do anything in Wash game…

3)??? trade Lions D and J Reynolds for Vikings D and Justin Jefferson… who wins?

  1. ??? Seahawks trade Reynolds for DK Metcalf… who wins?

5 )- Lions were flat out… out coached and not prepared in any way- that included Goff vs Pats- they deserved that loss…

6)- same goes for Dallas…

  1. ??? What if we traded J Reynolds for Tyreek Hill? who would have won that game?

    • we didn’t need anything…

9)- we didn’t need anything…

Bottom line is we would be 5-4 or 6-3 if we simply had a legit starting RB and an Elite WR1… At the same time… if we had a top 12 defense AND THE EXACT SAME GUYS WE HAD ON OFFENSE- we’d likely be 6-3 also…

Jared Goff with equal talent is a top 8-10 QB period… We saw what happened when he had Cooks, Kupp, Woods, a good OL, and Gurley… We saw when Gurley basically died and Cooks was banged up and useless, and a SHIT OL in 19;… Then we saw Stafford with Kupp, OBJ, Jefferson, Michel, and a good OL… now we see him with Kupp, A Rob’s corpse, some other guys and a shitty OL…

Part of why the WRs in NY look so bad, is because Danny Dime is so bad at passing… I bet Stafford would gladly take KG out in LA right now…

Goff 10 times out of 10…


This isn’t even a real question. Goff in every category except running.

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For dallas i 100% disagree, that was a complete give away buy goff and williams. New england was a disaster overall i agree with all that i just dont see the dallas game the same way

My post wasn’t clear. I think Goff sucked against NE and Dallas…. I think everyone sucked vs NE- we had a few bright spots vs Dallas

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So Jones is a running QB??

How is the giants defense on 4th down? :grin:

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today we set a new record on 4th down

Witch ever plays for the Lions of course

Not really, his career high is 400 yards rushing in a season, but vs the Lions he sure will be! We would probably give up 50 yards rushing to Goff. But Jones only has 2 games over 200 yards passing this year, so they will be running the ball a ton with Barkley and Jones.

Goff being better than….never mind. I’m not even going to …. He’s just not the answer.

Did not realize this but…Goff has a pass release time of 2.2 seconds making him 1. 2nd in the NFL for that and 2. Very hard to sack.


It’s amazing to me how sometimes we make Goff out to be Scott Mitchell. Stafford is the best QB I have ever seen in a Lions uniform…Jared Goff is the 2nd best QB I have ever seen in a Lions uniform


I hope today answered any misconceptions.:innocent: