Who is this AA guy

everyone is talking about?

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Projected much higher than he was drafted…


With all that physical ability, one wonders why he wasn’t more productive?

He’s not a Lion so he won’t be good.


This is the only AA — I think he’s number 1 in Natty’s best looking club.


The talent in this draft was, meh. Anderson, and everybody else. It’s hard to put accurate numbers on so many guys of equal quality and get it right.
All of the QB’s were also-rans. There were just some QB desperate teams that reached.
I still believe we got the best QB in the draft. The desperate teams needed a QB to start week one. No way Hooker was going to be ready. Now, he lands in the perfect spot, where he can be developed properly behind an elite QB, by Brunell (a very good ex-NFL QB). He has the best chance to become a top NFL QB of the bunch.

Who remembers this AA?

Cardinals were pissed we grabbed him ahead of them. They had to settle for some guy named David Johnson.



For Thor loved the Lion’s so much that he sent his only minime To lead Dan Campell’s defense until JC is ready to take over. Then they goto war together!

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