Who made who? That question is settled


Bill still won a playoff game with Cleveland and did once go 11-5 with Brady out for the season. But, I’d go 70% Brady 30% Bill for my Math equation.


Idk, in 1976 Belichick was an assistant in Detroit and we went 6-8…and look how good we’ve been since.

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Tbay is way more better then NE. Jones or Brady? This argument is still stupid. Brady went to very talented team. Who had a qb throw 30 picks the year before. Brady knew NE was done, and a smart move by him.

Now this is stuck in my head…


Neither would have had the success they had without the other. Belichick is a damn good football coach.


Except Brady won a SB without Belicheck and Belicheck hasn’t won shit without Brady dating back to Cleveland. Other than that you make a good point. :roll_eyes:


Belichick is in a rebuild and Brady picked a team with the talent he needed to win a super bowl. I’d be more impressed had Brady gone to the Bears and won. Belichick won his first super bowl when Brady was 9. People don’t need to take away from one to acknowledge the greatness of the other. I’m not sure why some try to do that.


New England had a top 10 defense… in 15 of the 19 years Brady was the starter for the Pats…. and most of those were top 5 even.

The Bucs won a Super Bowl with Brady… but also got pretty dang lucky that both of the Chiefs OTs and a starting OG were out with injuries.

They both are great. Neither would have won as much without the other.


Yeah, it definitely isn’t settled just because someone says its settled. Both are great. Not saying Brady isn’t the clear cut GOAT, but so is Belichick.


Belicheck is a good coach, he just isn’t a great coach without Brady.

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No doubt about it.

They definitely drafted Mac Jones too high. He’s not a first round pick.

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If’s and but’s were fruits & nuts everyday would be Christmas. Belicheck’s record without Brady and Brady winning a SB without Bill is the ultimate drop the mic.

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And Brady has one super bowl without Belichick. That works both ways.

How many times has Bill had top 10 defense without Brady. When you have the goat at QB your D doesn’t get exposed a hell of a lot. Considering all those great D-coordinators from NE during that time have failed everywhere else. Maybe you are just manipulating the stats here. I remember times when Harrington was our QB and the Lions O-line was top 10 in sacks given up but weren’t even close to being a top 10 O-line. Stats are easily manipulated in sports.

And Bill has a losing record without Brady. How many other QB’s have won a SB with 2 teams in the history of the NFL? I will give you a hint, Brady is the only one.

So yea…he is 1 for 2 seasons winning Super Bowls without Bill

Bill can’t win the Division with Tom

In his career Belichick has been to 17 conference championships, 12 Super Bowls and won 8 super bowl rings. Belichick is a great football coach. Tom Brady is a great QB. Both of them should have their own wings in the hall of fame.


Bill and Tom aren’t in the same situations. Anyone doubt that Belichick could win more Super Bowls as head coach of Buffalo?

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