Who on the coaching staff other than OC are we missing?

Seems we are only missing the OC?

And other coach positions still vacant you know of?

I think this is the last one.

I haven’t seen WR, DL and LB mentioned yet.

We have an OC.


Wasn’t Lynn hired as The OC? Or is this a different The OC?

Anthony Lynn has not been officially hired as OC by the team yet, so, no, we don’t have an OC. Need the team to announce it.

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I’ve seen DL. Might have to look when I’m at a computer.

ETA: Nevermind, this was the Giff Smith rumor that was then changed to say that it wasn’t likely.

That’s supposed to be today, if I remember last week’s report correctly.

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" Lions hired ex-Chargers head coach Anthony Lynn as their offensive coordinator.

Lynn, fired by the Chargers at season’s end, was reportedly considered by several teams in need of an OC, including the Lions and Seahawks. A former running backs coach, Lynn’s Chargers averaged 111.5 rushing yards per game under Lynn despite a spate of injuries at the position in 2020. Lynn went 33-31 in four seasons with the Chargers, going 1-1 in the postseason. Before coaching the Chargers, Lynn served as running backs coach with the Jets, then as offensive coordinator in Buffalo after the team parted ways with Greg Roman. Lions head coach Dan Campbell said this week that he wanted an offensive coordinator who would get D’Andre Swift into favorable matchups as a pass catcher. Lynn’s history would suggest he can do just that."

The Lions haven’t officially announced that yet but the deal appears clear at this point. Other offensive coaching decisions have been made including hiring a RB coach (Duce) and keeping Fraley.

Detroit Lions Depth Chart

  • HC: Dan Campbell
  • OC: Anthony Lynn
  • DC: Aaron Glenn
  • ST:

Isn’t the Special Teams guy Fipp?

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It is. The team announced it yesterday.

Yup, Fipp is hired for ST.


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There’s a handful of these that are yet to become “official”. I can’t find where I read it, but I’m pretty sure it’s supposed to be today.
Lynn, Staley and Pleasant are each yet to be announced even though they’ve each been reported.
The only ones announced so far are Campbell, Glenn and Fipp.

Fipp Fipp Hooray!!!

I’d be willing to bet that Robert Prince stays on as WR coach. Has a great rep and the players wanna play for him.


That’s the official website. Lynn isn’t listed. It isn’t official until they actually announce it.

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Ok then he’s not the OC if that’s what you want. But I think he is

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I agree that until it’s done it’s not.

Aka Daniels storing out of the Colts HC position at the last second.

I am using the official site and that why I posted this as it shows the new DC and new STC only


Why not? With former Lions joining the team this season (Barry Sanders, Chris Spielman, Dan Campbell)…bring in 80 year old Wayne Fontes as a Coaching assistant. I’m kidding…(but not really).



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