Who or what is your favorite Lions pod cast

Group or solo person

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I like Dose of Dion 2.0

I’m a double dose kinda guy


The Lions acquire a practice squad player, Dose will promptly make a 37 minute video about that player going to the hall of fame. haha I admire the dudes positive outlook though.

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In no particular order…

@Wenotme already mentioned Dose of Dion

These are some of the lesser known, local guys out there that are basically just fans running a Lions YouTube channel. Kimber is doing a good job turning it into something more professional though I’d say.

There’s a few others out there as well that are decent.

There’s also bigger channels like Woodward Sports and Detroit Lions Podcast that are good, too…but thought I’d stick to listing the guys with a bit of a smaller brand that I enjoy watching.

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Strictly in the podcast realm, probably my favourite is The Detroit Lions Podcast
Not sure which is my #2
Probably Pride of Detroit
One of These Years


Detroit Lions Podcast
Pride of Detroit
Dose of Dion
Roar Of The Lions UK
Mike Kimber
Dungeons of Doom
Woodward Sports… just not all of the time.


Pride of Detroit is the only one I listen to regularly. I fairly regularly listen to Meinke’s as well. I do listen to The Detroit Lions Podcast at times but I have to take intermittent doses of Risdon.

Pride of Detroit. The Detroit Lions Podcast too, except when Scott Bischoff solos. I’ll concede that he knows buckets more than my thimble full of football, but it comes out so haltingly that it’s hard for me to listen.

For more general NFL podcasts, PFF is the king for me.

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Pride of Detroit is good. I like Locked on Lions for a while bu the host eventually got too annoying for me. Drinkign the Blue Kool Aid was pretty good but I haven’t listened in a while.


Is the st browns a podcast ?

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I didn’t think about but those guys are good too. There has never been a time when I cared or listened to anyone on a Bears roster talk so this show is genuinely ground breaking for me lol.


POD for me.

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Sports Talk Detroit on YouTube is good. Not all Lions, but has a lot of Lions content.
(Bias alert: One of the guys in my cousin.)

During the offseason

Detroit Lions Podcast ( I want player evaluation and inside Lions information.

During the season
Pride of Detroit
Let’s talk Lions ( i find him funny at times)
Woodward Sports (Usually on my commute)
Lions Nation Unite
Lions Talk by Chat sports

I don’t care about mocks or what people believe the Lions should do in the offseason, which is why I do not listen to those channels during the offseason. I get enough of that stuff here.

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TJ Lang and Jansen have one; admittedly, #1 they aren’t consistent with their schedule and #2, I’ve loved listening to TJ in any way, shape or form since he had Talkin’ with TJ for the Lions.

The sad part of this is that he is still does the post-games and is around the team, which means he could technically still be doing the show.

There’s need to be a petition for that show to return :joy: I know it’s dated, but if you’ve never seen it I highly suggest checking that video series out.

I’m not a fan. Braylon, Terry, and McCarty are okay, but, the rest are hard to listen to.

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Yeah, I can’t listen to the guy in the morning at all.

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