Who plays more games this year?


AnTitusOnio BrownYoung

Kareem Hunt

Josh Johnson

Should you include Josh Gordon?

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I’ll go with Hunt.

Hoping for Zigz, though I’m definitely not betting on that. I like him as a person, plus they play 2 of our division rivals this year.

I’ve got Brown, in this one (unfortunately).

Maybe we should have a “Who gets arrested first poll”…that would be fun!
I say Ezekiel Elliott.

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Josh Gordon could win 1st arrested AND fewest games

And first to drop-dirty!

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I am going to take Gordon in most bets of who is going to drop dirty first. The guy clearly has a major problem.

Johnson will be active more games than any of them. Brown can’t play tomorrow.

Brown will get the most playing time. NE will get him involved early, and he’ll play more as he learns the system.