Who replaces Golden Tate? Look to 'Swiss army knife' TJ Jones

“We didn’t know who Tom Brady was before someone left or got injured,” Roberts said. "So you never know, especially with the talent that we have, it definitely calls for someone to step up, some people to step up.


TJ is a serviceable depth receiver who has made plays when called upon. But I look at him as a barometer of how our overall receiving core looks. You can do worse than TJ as the #4 or #5 receiver that needs to make a play every now and again. But if he’s playing a bigger role than that, clearly you are lacking talent at the position.

Hopefully Brandon Powell will show us something by the end of the season.

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Very well put, Wes.

Swiss army knife usually refers to someone that can do multiple things, TJ can’t do too many things from what we’ve seen. He’s a decent 5th WR though.

A couple more receptions to Riddick or KeJo, a couple more to Roberts or Willson, and a couple to TJ or Powell. Problem solved. Bonus: a couple more runs by KeJo. The Lions offense has been making too many mistakes, drops, missed passes, poor decisions, blown blocks, penalties. I doubt they’ll get any better with or without Tate until that stuff gets cleaned up somewhat. And if they do that, then the offense will I think do better, even without Tate.

When Tate was on the field on 3rd downs, the defenses knew where to focus much of their attention. That is no longer the case and I think plays to our advantage with a few more blown coverages for us to exploit.

I’ve never been a huge fan of TJ’s. He’s usually looking to go down at first contact, the exact opposite of Tate.

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Nate, I love ya, bro, but, the next person that uses Swiss Army Knife gets stabbed in the heart.
I’m serious.

Would Leatherman work? Always thought the pliers were a real handy.