Who’s the better DC Teryl Austin or AG?… survey says…

Well according to this ranking it’s not even close.

21. Teryl Austin, Pittsburgh Steelers

29. Aaron Glenn, Detroit Lions

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Why is Austin at 21? I would have assumed he’s be higher.

Also, old article. The top guy is a professional roaster and the top three aren’t with the team they are listed at. Kind of odd thing to post tbh.

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It’s from Jan of this year - ranking the 2023 DC’s.

You can’t get any more current considering 2024 hasn’t started yet.

Why did you post that article from January now if not to push the AG is trash button?

by a guy working out of his parents basement, lmao.

Did this really need a new thread?


Most likely it has something to do with his defenses overall ranking to end the season.

They finished 21st

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Ummm because I just stumbled on it and thought it was an interesting comparison since both had coached for us.

Ask yourself why you’re taking this stance?

It’s not an old article, it’s a relevant discussion.

Jim Schwartz could be added to the discussion too I guess.

How did you even find the article now? It’s not trending.
Did you google, “Aaron Glenn bad defensive coordinator”?

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This might be an unpopular stance,

But Aaron Glenn changing his scheme on the fly mid season week to week…and playing to our strengths.

That’s the sign of a good D Coordinator

Also, we had trash CBs and no pass rush opposite Houston and he had us playing good enough Defense to get us to the Super Bowl if it wasn’t for a full team collapse


Like I said I stumbled on to it…. To be exact It was at the bottom of another article I read.

Seriously though…. What’s the issue?… why does it bother you so much?…. Why are you trying to create a narrative that doesn’t exist?

No issue. It just felt a bit like you were trolling. Just found the timing to be odd an what not.


My stance too → I think, with this new DL, he will finally have the chance to run the scheme he most believes in. Shit is about to get very real…very soon!


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Austin had Jones/Fairley/Suh/Ansah, with Levy behind then…of course he ranked higher. #2 defense in the NFL one year & should have been first